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The WB (ended 1998)





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  • You'd think I'd use this to say something like, "Egads, Brain! Brilliant!" Well, I won't. I more original than--wait a minute.

    Spun from Animaniacs into its own deserving half-hour program, Pinky and the Brain offered classic slapstick with enjoyable psuedo-antagonists seeking global conquest. It was always fun to watch Pinky get hurt, and it was okay if you didn't understand Brain (at any age)...because chances are no one did.

    Sometimes they'd throw a curveball like rival's for Brain's megalomania or deeper reason's for his machinations.

    Overall, the show didn't try to keep in step with political issues or tell you how you should vote when you become of age. It was just good, clean, healthy fun involving the ritualistic abuse of two lab mice. Or Pinky, at the very least.

    The only downside I saw was when they adding the infamous Tiny Toons character Elmyra, who seemed to have used her cameos on Animaniacs as a stepping stone to interfere with Pinky and Brain's plan to conquer the world with humor.

    SporkBot want P&tB DVD now (sans Elmyra, naturally)!