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  • Two lab mice attempt to take over the world time after time after time. Though they always fail, the attempts are always funny.

    This was a very good show. Pinky is a silly, happy-go-lucky, mindless mouse who has developed his own language (Narf, Poit, Zort, Troz to name a few words). Brain is a clever, ill-tempered, big-headed varmint. They make quite a pair, always attempting to rule the world, but to no avail. A few of my favorite episodes are "Brinky", "Napoleon Brainaparte" and "Brainwashed". To me, this series was great (I can see why WB couldn't contain it in Animaniacs). Though Pinky and Brain never succeded in taking over the world, it was funny to see them try and fail. Although I never really saw the final episode (with some t.v shows, it's hard to see where they begin and where they end), I have a feeling it was the episode "Brainwashed", (it would seem like a good episode to end with, with Snowball being turned back into a normal hamster, the lab being destroyed and rebuilt, and the entire world almost being enslaved, only to be saved by the same to mice who try to take it over). Though the series is over, it still a classic to t.v lovers around the world (even though Brain didn't take over the world, at least he won the admiration of many viewers).
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