Pinky and the Brain

The WB (ended 1998)





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  • A great show that I liked.

    This show was a great one and I really liked it. The adventures Pinky and The Brain used to have were great and I liked them. Also this show I used to see it many years ago and it was one of my favorites and it was a great experience seeing this show. Also I grew with this show for being a funny one through many years that it aired.

    The storyline was great and they spent most of their time in Acme Labs in which I think it was a cool place.

    The characters were great and I really liked them because they were really funny and also smart.

    Pinky was a great character and he was the funniest of the show in my opinion and he used to do many things. Also the Brain was great and smart and he was my favorite character of the show and I liked his experiments and plans because they were really great.

    In conclusion for being such a great show I give it a 9.2 superb rating for this review.