Pinky and the Brain

The WB (ended 1998)





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  • Extreme intelligence without the use of lazy sex jokes makes this show a high-brow masterpiece.

    This is one of the best cartoons out there. With a mix of satire, clever slapstick, and classic cartoon zaniness, this show's humor appeals to extremely smart people. It's just such an intelligent show. I didn't understand a single joke as a child, but now that I'm older, there is much to laugh at. While the humor appeals to mostly adults, the characters of Pinky and the Brain lure in people of all ages. Like Tom Ruegger has said before, we each have a little Pinky in us, and we each have a little Brain. I can totally relate to both characters in many ways. Celebrities, political figures, and other leaders are frequently mocked in this show, adding to its value. In fact, the political humor and celebrity bashing is so frequent that a joke will occasionally slip past me, and I will have to research it. Everything is so clever. On top of that, you've got great animation, wonderful music, and, like Animaniacs, the best voice actors you can get. This show will always hold a place in my heart.