Pinky and the Brain - Season 2

The WB (ended 1998)



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Episode Guide

  • 9/7/96
    It's obviously been so difficult for two small mice to takeover the entire world that it might be easier if everyone else just left. To that end, Brain devises the perfect solution – Chia Earth. Pinky and Brain struggle with massive amounts of paper-maché and construction – recreating the real Earth's size and other details right next-door. Free t-shirts are also their bait for the unsuspecting population to leave the real Earth to Pinky and Brain.moreless
  • Brinky
    Episode 15
    Multiphasic transrepliclonator pods will allow Brain to begin cloning an army of himself. However, before even the first clone can be made, Pinky's DNA accidentally gets mixed in with Brain's. The result, naturally, is a different kind of clone – one that likes to be called 'Romy.' Brain tries to make do with this development, as he and Pinky essentially act as Romy's parents. The thing is, Romy wants to be his own mouse and doesn't like being pushed into Brain's world domination plans or Pinky's stupid ways. When he runs away, the mice try to find him.moreless
  • Brain Of The Future
    Episode 14
    With another night beginning, Pinky and Brain prepare another plan. However, quite suddenly, a strange ship appears in Acme Labs. It is a time ship and the ones onboard are the mice's future selves. They explain that there is a world domination kit in the distant future. Present-day Pinky and Brain board the time ship – beginning a roller coaster ride that takes them through different, strange times.moreless
  • Pinkasso
    Episode 3
    Brain wants enough self-adhesive mirrors to make the moon a disco ball – prompting everyone to be distracted by constantly dancing. Problem is, the required money just isn't there. The best way to acquire funds is from Pinky's sudden artistic ventures. Will Pablo Pinkasso lead to Brain finally taking over the world?moreless
  • Robin Brain
    Robin Brain
    Episode 5
    Brain figures that if he can give the people of medieval England bath water, they will repay him with the entire kingdom. A hot water heater is required and needs to be very large, as well. Of course, construction will cost a lot of money. With a band of thieves, Brain becomes a virtual Robin Hood and robs from every rich person they come across.moreless
  • The Pink Candidate
    Episode 7
    Pinky writes a letter to the newspaper criticizing the comic strip "The Family Circus". His letter, however, is misunderstood as a political statement that thrusts him to a spotlight that leads him to the Presidency of the United States. Pinky's administration, however, must deal with a scandal when the Brain's plans to take over the world are made public.moreless
  • Two Mice And A Baby
    Two Mice And A Baby
    Episode 12
    The story of baby Superman being sent to Earth from Krypton is certainly a familiar one. Pinky and Brain's involvement in the story, however, is not. Stumbling upon the super baby and his ship, Brain quickly realizes how useful he could be. Controlling and taking care of him, though, are easier said than done.moreless
  • Megalomaniacs Anonymous
    When Brain comes to the conclusion he no longer wants to take over the world, he decides to help others who had his problem and the first one to be helped is Pinky.
  • 9/28/96
    Brain has been having a pen pal relationship for months with Zalgar, an alien out in deep space. Now, Zalgar is coming to Earth and Brain hopes his alien technology will finally give him Earth. However, Zalgar has other ideas. He believes that Brain is the smartest being around, which suits his unique appetite. To avoid becoming a meal, Brain – with Pinky at his side – goes on the run. But can they possibly escape Zalgar?moreless
  • Collect 'Em All
    Collect 'Em All
    Episode 2
    Johannes Gutenberg has just invented his claim to fame – the printing press. However, Brain has a different use for it in mind. Pretty soon, Brain trading cards are everywhere. His aim is to come to power via instant popularity.
  • 11/16/96
    Animal rights activists think Pinky and the Brain are monkeys and release them into the jungle after taking them out of Acme Labs. The pair try to make it back home, but run into the Brain's old enemy Snowball, who is after revenge.
  • The Maze
    The Maze
    Episode 13
    A rare intergalactic event, a dilithium matrix chip prototype and a subsonic transmitter are all part of Brain's newest plot. He also has an extremely limited amount of time to pull it off. However, Acme Lab scientists throw him a stumbling block – taking the chip and using it to upgrade the maze that the mice regularly have to run. Now, it is more dangerous than ever before. To reacquire the chip and see the plan succeed, Pinky and Brain have to outdo the advanced maze.moreless
  • Brain's Song
    Episode 8
    Another tearjerker movie is airing on TV and Pinky is among the steadily saddened audience. Brain scoffs at the very notion, but then he gets an idea. He figures that him being in an even sadder movie would make taking over the world a snap. Playing the major parts themselves, Pinky and Brain rush to get their movie finished and to gain a worldwide release.moreless
  • The Mummy
    The Mummy
    Episode 6
    Archaeologists send a robotic probe to explore part of an Egyptian pyramid. An unexpected surprise awaits, though, courtesy of Pinky and Brain. Playing off fears of Egyptian curses, Brain and Pinky pretend to be King Khufu and brother George, respectively – intending to be 'awakened' by the probe and then threaten the world unless given total control. However, the archaeologists' terrified reaction to the 'mummies' traps Pinky and Brain inside. Even worse, a real mummy is lumbering about.moreless
  • Hoop Schemes
    Episode 16
    The popularity of basketball players inspires a new world domination plan from Brain. He quickly creates the tools needed for him to play the game. His team consists of himself (as Muhammed Al Ba Brain), Pinky (Schpud Pinky), Rue McClanahy, Jelly-Head, Marv Albert and Bobby Nacht. They soon burst onto the scene and prove very successful. Unfortunately, the fame starts swelling Brain's head.moreless
  • A Little Off The Top
    After witnessing Sampson's latest feat of strength, Brain decides to claim such power for himself. Problem is, no one knows why Sampson is so strong. Finding out, naturally, isn't easy. The mice end up interceding with the famed, biblical story.
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