Pinky and the Brain - Season 3

The WB (ended 1998)



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Episode Guide

  • Brain Food
    Episode 51
    Brain believes that if people were smarter, they would know that him ruling the world would be the best thing for everyone. Making people smarter requires Medulla Stem Piney Nut extract and other ingredients, which he already has. All he needs now are pizzas to put it all in and a restaurant for people to come to.moreless
  • The Really Great Dictator
    The mice firmly believe that the world would be better off under Brain. To drive that point home, they explain it and other things through song.
  • The Pinky P.O.V.
    Episode 49
    It's another usual night where Brain plans to take over the world, only it's seen from Pinky's point of view.
  • Just Say Narf
    Just Say Narf
    Episode 48
    It's time for another musical number. The subject is Pinky's favorite word – 'narf,' so he just goes on and on. The intent is to cheer Brain up, but it does the exact opposite.
  • 5/9/98
    Brain has a new plan in mind, but no money for it. However, America is currently suffering through the Great Depression, so his prospects are fairly slim. The best option appears to be a successful acting career in Hollywood. Brain poses as new child actress Little Baby Brain and Pinky as the mother. Success awaits him, but will it all go to his head?moreless
  • Dangerous Brains
    Episode 46
    Brain intends to take advantage of the next lunar eclipse by magnetically taking control of the moon and – in effect – sunlight. As with previous plans, though, the financial cost here is pretty high. Brain ultimately winds up as Mr. Brainslowski, a new school teacher. He may be a genius, but the students in his class may be too much for even him to handle.moreless
  • Pinky and Brain prepare yet another plan for world domination. However, the episode suddenly grinds to a halt because of the network executives. As successful as the show is, the need for even better ratings is overpowering. Changes repeatedly hit the show's format – each one more bizarre than the last. Pinky and Brain can only take so much before finally deciding to quit. Finding other work, though, isn't exactly easy or likely.moreless
  • Your Friend: Global Domination
    Pinky and Brain make an 'educational' film for the world's schools. The plot: showing how Brain ruling the world would make things infinitely better for everyone.
  • Pinky's Turn
    Episode 43
    Brain needs a jewel to purchase a satellite needed for his latest plan – secretly changing clock radios' snooze alarms. However, his and Pinky's theft attempt fails. This failure prompts Pinky to voice his desire to try things his way. With Brain hanging back for a change, Pinky quickly gets to work. It's worse than Brain can imagine, though, as Pinky might actually do it.moreless
  • All newspaper crossword puzzles are a part of Brain's latest plan. If he can secretly change a single clue, no one will be able to solve the puzzle, but will be consumed with trying to. As Brain contemplates where to get the money needed for this, word spreads of a "Most Perfect Family" contest. With $25,000 at stake, Brain searches out Pinky's family – making them smarter with the Acme Gene Splicer. However, unsurprisingly, this will prove chaotic.moreless
  • Beach Blanket Brain
    Beach Blanket Brain
    Episode 41
    Brain develops the Brain de Soleil suntan lotion for all of 1963's beachgoers. Of course, anyone that wears it must bow to Brain's will. To get this going, Brain figures he must get the local teenage surfers to wear it first. To gain their trust, the mice pose as Brain Doggie and Pinky Daddy – Malibu's newest, supposedly coolest arrivals.moreless
  • Brain's Night Off
    Episode 40
    In a rare instance, world domination isn't on Pinky and Brain's to-do list tonight. Seemingly more normal things await, as the mice go to a restaurant. Naturally, trying something different for just one night is harder than expected.
  • Inherit The Wheeze
    Episode 39
    Pinky and Brain prepare a plan that makes use of abandoned satellites and a giant magnet. Things take a different turn, though, as the mice learn of a tobacco executive's misdeeds. It turns out that test results damaging to the company were stolen. Brain, of course, sees an opportunity here. Posing as the company's spokesman, Brain intends to reveal the truth and earn the adoration of millions – enough to then take over.moreless
  • The Melancholy Brain
    Brain's latest plan takes a backseat to recent events in Denmark – the death of the old king; Queen Gertrude marrying his brother, Claudius; and Hamlet returning home. Brain believes that if he and Pinky can exacerbate the situation, no one will be left to stand in their way. Events follow as we know them from the play, but with the added interference of the mice.moreless
  • As another day dawns in Acme Woods, Brainie the Pooh and Pinklet prepare another world domination scheme. They will need all of the honey in the nearest bee hive, though, but it's guarded and high up a tree. Seeking help from friends like Jagger and Algore the Donkey, Brainie and Pinklet try to get up that tree. Will they succeed?moreless
  • Broadway Malady
    Episode 36
    To make money, Pinky suggests they stage a Broadway musical. Brain loves the idea but refuses to sell-out and do an Andrew Lloyd Webber-type show. Pinky goes on with Mice and becomes a major hit while Brain's Angst plays to a tiny theater filled with cardboard cut-outs of audience members.
  • Schpiel-Borg 2000
    Schpiel-Borg 2000
    Episode 35
    A 'special' retrospective is shown on TV and hosted by someone that looks a lot like Steven Spielberg. In actuality, it is the Schpiel-Borg 2000 – a creation of Brain's. The obvious intent is to use the Schpiel-Borg 2000 for world domination. However, things quickly get out of hand.
  • Pinky At The Bat
    Episode 34
    Brain has devised a powerful leather repellent spray. If it is released in the right spot and at the right time, people all over the world will be affected. While all leather will essentially be cut off from people, their wallets and the money they contain are Brain's real focus. However, to pull this off, Pinky and Brain must get into the New Hampshire Pineapple stadium and be standing on the pitcher's mound when the time comes. To do that, they become hotshots Sparky la Braina and Pinky Rodriquez, respectively.moreless
  • Bah, Wilderness
    Episode 33
    At a sleep away camp for world leaders' children, Brain tries to trick the children into placing listening devices in their parents' offices.
  • 11/15/97
    A tailor looks after his new pets – Pinky and Brain. As much as they would like to, they never get a chance to plot for world domination. Even worse, despite the best of intentions, this tailor makes even the simplest of things difficult and painful. How are the mice going to get out of this one?moreless
  • You Said A Mouseful
    You Said A Mouseful
    Episode 31
    Brain plans to alter the Earth's weather patterns with the Axis Shiftatron. He predicts that coffee bean supplies will suffer as a result – leading to tea replacing coffee. As his plan also includes a specific energy ray, he will be able to monopolise the tea bag supply and then the world. However, for the Axis Shiftatron to work, Brain needs inflatable shoes and a lot of helium. How is he going to get all of that?moreless
  • Operation Sea Lion
    Episode 30
    Brain takes control over aquatic mammals for his latest plan and Pinky falls for a female sea lion.
  • 11/8/97
    All of the televisions in the world are suddenly tuned in to a new infomercial. Unbeknownst to the average viewer, it is coming right from Acme Labs. Brain wants people to call in and make orders, so he can upload their addresses into a computer and ensure they get junk mail every day. Brain figures he will be able to take over by promising to end the junk mail onslaught. However, there is one problem he didn't count on. The satellite used for his infomercial is an old military one, and they are not happy about its sudden use.moreless
  • Big In Japan
    Big In Japan
    Episode 28
    A small serving of a Mugu fish tail leads to a 24 hour paralysis. Brain intends to use the fish in his Cappy Brain's Frozen Fish Sticks and sell them to an unsuspecting public. However, elite Japanese sumo wrestlers horde what Mugu fish there is. With a modified mechanical suit, Brain enters the sumo wrestling world and the ring. Will he be able to win it all, though?moreless
  • Leggo My Ego
    Episode 27
    Brain's attempt to control Emperor Franz Josef get side tracked when he talks about his problems with psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Freud.
  • Brainy Jack
    Episode 26

    Calling himself 'Brainy Jack,' Brain begins reaching out to the hippies of the world. He is preaching peace and wants to form a human chain across the land. Naturally, this is all a part of Brain's latest plan. A combination of electrostatic conditions, a carpet, a door knob, the hippies' dental work and the chain will allow Brain to broadcast a subliminal message – making the hippies his unwavering followers no matter what.

  • 10/19/97
    On Halloween night, Brain tries to hypnotise trick-or-treaters with the Jackolantronic Broadcasting System. However, Pinky gets chocolate on the transmitter – causing an explosive overload. As Brain vows to prepare for the next night, the mice are greeted by Mr. Itch. After displaying his supernatural powers, he offers Brain control of the world in exchange for his soul. Brain ultimately refuses, but moments later, he finds himself the undisputed, beloved ruler. It turns out this has happened because Pinky sold his own soul. Mr. Itch takes Pinky to Hades to be tortured (though that proves more difficult than expected). Meanwhile, despite finally ruling the world, Brain appears quite despondent. As much as he hates to admit it, Brain misses Pinky. He soon goes all the way to Hades to save him.moreless
  • Brain's Way
    Episode 24
    Brain intends to setup North and South Poles speakers, and then use Brainophonic sound to simulate a dripping faucet noise. Everyone will hear it, but be unable to do anything about it – creating chaos and providing an obvious opportunity. Brain's Palace – a Las Vegas casino – is also crucial to this plan. However, business is very bad. To turn things around, a new lounge singer hits the stage – Brain himself.moreless
  • The Real Life
    Episode 23
    Brain has obtained a crucial part of his latest plan – a rare music record by Rush Limbaugh. With an FM antenna installed in the optimal electromagnetic field, Brain can play the record all day everywhere and take over in the ensuing chaos. The required site is in the backyard of a Cleveland house, which is already taken. It has become the latest filming location of TV's The Real Life, which Pinky and Brain manage to get on in order to gain access to the backyard. Brain quickly proceeds with his plan, but his 'thoughtless' actions repeatedly anger roommates Eisenhower, Dawn, Murray and Spike. Pinky, though, is quickly accepted into the group. Will Brain be able to complete his plan before his roommates revolt?moreless
  • T.H.E.Y
    Episode 22
    There is a secret organisation out there known as T.H.E.Y. World leaders and other notable figures fill their ranks, but Brain is more interested in the contents of their vault. The only way in there, though, is to be a member. Reviving their Brainania aliases – Ned Limpopo and Hassan Limbeck, respectively, Brain and Pinky arrive at T.H.E.Y. headquarters and try to pass their initiation tests.moreless
  • Pinky Suavo
    Episode 21
    Brain intends to use the charisma of others to his advantage. Combining the favored traits of the likes of John Wayne, Valentino and Tony Randall with the Personalitron, Brain believes he will become charismatic enough to easily take over the world. An accident, however, bestows the charisma on someone else – Pinky. Brain isn't going to let this setback stop him, so he tweaks his plan a bit. Now, the world will be greeted with the one and only Pinky Suavo.moreless
  • Calvin Brain
    Calvin Brain
    Episode 20
    Two new faces hit the fashion world – fashion designer Calvin Brain and supermodel Pinky. Success awaits them – providing the needed opportunity for Brain's plan. He has developed the Subjugation perfume, which – unbeknownst to others – more than lives up to its name. With a specially prepared commercial, Brain believes that the perfume will quickly fly off the shelves. What could possibly go wrong?moreless
  • 9/29/97
    Brain creates a cloning machine and plans to clone himself in order to create the best Celtic dance troupe the world has ever seen.
  • Brain Acres
    Episode 18
    Acme Labs' equipment and his own genius allow Brain to give life to vegetables. The first result – Maurice – is nothing to be proud of, so Brain tries again with an eggplant. After running into yet another obstacle, Brain realises what he needs – fertiliser. With his Braindini fertiliser and a freshly purchased farm, farmers Pinky and Brain lay the seeds for an army of monstrous vegetables.moreless
  • Brain Drained
    Brain Drained
    Episode 17
    Constantly trying to takeover the world is beginning to take a toll on Brain. Despite his best efforts, workable plans just aren't anywhere to be found. He decides to call in some outside help. Posing as the World's Best Director and the World's Best Teamster, respectively, Brain and Pinky begin interviewing screenwriters. These writers think they have a shot at a Hollywood career, but they may just make Brain ruler of the world.moreless
  • Mice Don't Dance
    Episode 16
    Brain becomes a tap dancer with steam-powered legs in order to spread a subliminal morse code at the World's Fair.
  • The Pinky Protocol
    Episode 15
    Conspiracy theories run rampant in the world. A new one soon pops up, though, and it's all about why Brain has repeatedly failed to takeover the world. Instead of just bad luck, the claim is there are dangerous people that don't want him in power and repeatedly sabotage him. The idea is, of course, actually Brain's latest plan. Will he succeed, or is there more truth than he suspects to his 'conspiracy theory?'moreless
  • Funny, You Don't Look Rhennish
    The Sinusite mineral can cause uncontrollable sneezing, which Brain intends to use to his advantage. There is a mine in Minnesota with more than enough Sinusite to spare. However, an Amish-type society happens to occupy the property above the mine. With no alternatives, Pinky and Brain must join this society, try to fit in and wait for the right opportunity.moreless
  • 9/20/97
    It's time for another musical number from Brain. The intent is to highlight world leaders' failures throughout history and to prop himself up in the process.
  • Brain Storm
    Episode 12
    Tornadoes are destructive forces of nature and Brain believes that with just one at his disposal, the world will be his. It's just a simple matter of getting the Verkimer Suit near a tornado. Seems simple enough, but Agnes – a bonafide storm chaser – is in the same area and doesn't like the supposed competition. Pinky and Brain will either have to bear her constant interference or stop her for good.moreless
  • This Old Mouse
    Episode 11
    After getting a glimpse of his future, Brain abandons his attempts to take over the world and gets a job as a ski instructor.
  • Pinky's Plan
    Pinky's Plan
    Episode 10
    It's Brain's birthday and Pinky plans a surprise party. But the birthday boy doesn't seem too happy with the idea of getting old.
  • 9/17/97
    It's 1967 in America. Brain intends to conquer the world with lava lamps that will trap people with their altered contents. However, things take a bizarre turn when members of the flower power movement start listening to and following Pinky. It turns out that he bears some resemblance to a guru, so enter Pinky as Guru Mous-arishi.moreless
  • 9/16/97
    Creating the KBRAIN radio station, Brain intends to takeover the world simply by talking. Everyone will hear him, too, as his tower is designed to reach every radio regardless of what station they're set to. All that needs to be installed is a piece of equipment that has been mailed to ACME Labs. However, weird Mr. Sultana next door accidentally gets it instead. Brain and Pinky try to get the package by posing as Mr. and Mrs. Feldman, respectively, and by acting like good neighbours.moreless
  • Say What, Earth?
    Say What, Earth?
    Episode 7
    Brain devises the Silitronlinguifactor device – intending to give life to whatever inanimate objects he chooses. This is – as always – meant to help him takeover Earth, but making the planet a conscious entity wasn't intended. Nonetheless, it happens and creates some problems. On the other hand, Brain sees an opportunity.moreless
  • Brain's Bogie
    Episode 6
    Tattooing "Property of Brain" somewhere on Earth is a simple enough plan. However, Brain needs a certain golf club to pull it off. Fortunately, the club happens to be at the location of the latest golf tournament. Brain manages to enter, but world domination slowly starts taking a backseat to winning the title.moreless
  • Brain Noir
    Episode 5

    The year is 1946, and Pinky and Brain work on a new plan. Everyone in Los Angeles wearing hats will find them shrunken by the Fedor-A-Matic and chaos will follow. However, a sudden complication arises – Billie. This appearance leads to danger and excitement, as Snowball lurks nearby and readies a dangerous plan of his own.

  • Where The Deer And The Mousealopes Play
    Gigantic, Magic Eye-like billboards are the key to Brain's latest plan. There will be no answer to the puzzling images, but no one else will know that and will therefore forever stare to find one. Construction is planned to take place in steel mills in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but Pinky and Brain must get all humans to leave first. To that end, the public soon learns of the Mousealopes, an endangered, suffering species living in the area.moreless
  • 9/13/97
    Things are changing, as Larry the mouse is suddenly and inexplicably working with Pinky and Brain. Still, Brain has a plan to wreak havoc with the synchronoclastic remote controller. However, as the plan moves forward, even the fairly typical stuff repeatedly goes wrong. The obvious reason why, though, constantly eludes Pinky and Brain.moreless
  • Cinebrania
    Episode 2
    In the time of silent movies, Brain believes a movie that shows him already ruling the world will make it happen. Pinky and Brain rush the movie into production for a quick release. Things take an odd turn, though, as everyone views it as a comedy. With big success at the movies, what will Brain do now?moreless
  • 9/8/97
    Brain performs an experiment on Pinky – intending to help him evolve into a better being. All it really accomplishes, though, is giving Pinky the ability to control beavers. That, however, gives Brain an idea involving beavers' natural damming abilities. If he succeeds, all water will be his to command anyway he sees fit.moreless
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