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    [1]Jan 1, 2007
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    First off,does anyone even like this show?Second,i may only of seen one or two episodes when i was younger,but after reseeing the intro,did Elmyra swicth out of Acme University or something?
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    [2]May 25, 2007
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    I liked the show. I was confused that Elmyra was now at a normal human school, but I let that slide. I always found it funny when Elmyra washed Brain's mouth out with soap whenever he said a scientific statement. 

    However, the only thing that upset me was that Elmyra's closest companions from Tiny Toons (Furrball, Bryon, and Monty) were replaced by an ugly-looking cat, a turtle, and a boy named Rudy. They could've at least kept Furrball (as long as he didn't end up thinking he was a dog like the cat in this series did).

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    [3]May 17, 2008
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    Yeah, I have to admit, I never really hated this series, and I too also enjoyed the "washing Brain's mouth" running gag. But I did find it rather strange that this series seemed to negate everything else from "Tiny Toon Adventures". And I often wonder why they did that. I mean, Kids' WB! was still showing "Tiny Toons" on weekday mornings at the time this show came about, so clearly the viewers wouldn't have easily forgotten about Elmyra's old co-stars like the writers apparently did.

    Here's one easy theory I came up with to try to explain the changes: The last "Tiny Toons" production, the "Night Ghoulery" special, aired in 1995, three years before this. So maybe quite a bit of stuff happened to affect Elmyra's life between 1995 and 1998: 1) The other Tiny Toonsters complained enough about her, so Bugs had her transferred to Chuck Norris Grammar School; 2) Montana Max moved away, thus leaving Elmyra to pursue Rudy instead; and 3) Furrball and Byron ran away for good and Elmyra decided to just get new pets this time. And for whatever reason, Warner Bros. forgot to mention any of this to us. And they probably should have, seeing how they did just that for the changes between "Batman: The Animated Series" and "The New Batman Adventures" (in the form of the comic book mini-series "The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years").

    However, I only just now noticed that the interior of Elmyra's house on "Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain" looks different than it did on "Tiny Toons". In fact, I just checked the TTA episodes "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow" and "Take Elmyra, Please!", and I noticed that back there, Elmyra's bedroom was on the second story of the house, wheras here, it's on the first floor. So either that's another mistake that, unlike the ones mentioned above, can't be easily explained, or we'll have to go with this show just being a non-canonical spin-off set in some weird alternate universe where the other "Tiny Toons" characters (and the other "Animaniacs" characters, apparently) don't exist.

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    [4]May 24, 2008
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    I think "Take Elmyra Please" and "Grandma's Dead" already have a more realistic setting than Acme Acres, and IMHO, Pinky and the Brain (who live in the everyday world, too) could have fit well there, but PE&tB has a whole different setting again, and families in general don't have much role in it. I'd like to ask what age Elmyra is in her two or three different settings: I've read her called twelve on this forum and elsewhere, but also eight in a description of PE&tB, and at I've read the idea that the two cartoons about the Duffs might be set years before the rest of TTA. Thanks in advance!

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    [5]Mar 31, 2009
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    I used to watch and tape this show when it was originally on. It was a great series that got cancelled too quick. I hope someday, Warner Home Video considers releasing this show on DVD, because I loved this show.
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    [6]Jun 30, 2009
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    I myself, had forgot all about this show. But thanks (and a very special one) to NintendoMaximus having submitted "The Girl With Nothing Extra" and "Narfily Ever After" to, I was able to watch it for the first time in years. Alls I can say is...I find this to be a severely underrated show, which like Animaniacs1990 said, got cancelled too quick. I hope Warner considers releasing a DVD as well.

    Now if only I could find the other episodes.

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    [7]Aug 13, 2009
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    I dont love it, but i still kind of like it.
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