Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain

Saturday 10:30 AM on The WB Premiered Sep 19, 1998 Between Seasons


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  • Pinky Elmyra and the Brain

    This show is like Animaniacs but it is a cartoon from Animaniacs in thier own show. This show is awesome and it is real funny. I prefered the classic version of this show because it was more funnier but this one is also good too. I like all things to do with Pinky and the Brain.
  • I wish I could get this show on DVD I loved it and think it is better than a good portion of the current kids shows.

    I wish I could get this show on DVD I loved it and think it is better than a good portion of the current kids shows. I thought it was really funny I love Elmyra and to throw her in with Pinky and the Brain was Classic. Definitely an underrated concept. What ever happened to Saturday morning cartoons? When Elmyra calls The Brain Cranky Big Head just cracks me up. I would love to find this on DVD. Why can't cartoon network run this show and perhaps have fewer of the same boring cartoons that adults don't want to sit through.
  • Its ok

    Welcome to the Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain guide at Pinky and the Brain, those two genetically engineered lab mice, are homeless now that Acme Labs is no more. And the mice are in need of a place to hide as a secret organization wants to apprehend Brain. While hiding in a pet shop, the mice wound up getting bought by Elmyra Duff. Now the mice are forced to operate from Elmyra's house and endure her twisted ways of caring for animals. Despite all of these new complications, Pinky and the Brain still continue to try to take over the world.
    I think its ok
  • She's tiny, she's toony - and she's driving Pinky looney!

    Quite a funny show. As a kid I loved "Tiny Toon Adventures", "Animaniacs" and "Pinky And The Brain". It was great to see them continue the tradition of fantastic WB cartoons of the 90s with this show. Although it does not quite live up to the greatness of its predecessors.

    Still, it was fun seeing Brain trying to outwit the dumb-witted Elmyra Duff.

    Some of the funniest moments of this series would include the time Elmyra was trying to win a spelling bee with the assistance of Brain (who was sitting "loudly" in the audience) - "Pee! Oh, Pee Pee! Why? See! Oh... Pee! 'Kay!" [Poppycock].

    Or the time Brain tried to get away from Elmyra by shining a light on the wall and tried to convince her that the light lead to a "petting zoo in another dimension" - so that she would run into the wall and knock herself out.

    Or basically just all the times when Brain would make a scientific statement that Elmyra could simply not comprehend and she told him that he had a "yucky potty-mouth" and washed his mouth out with soap.

    Okay, so maybe the show was a little childish - but it was still an amusing cartoon all the same. Just a shame that they didn't think to also add Montana Max to the series, that might have added a little more warmth to the show.
  • Okay, before the fans attack me, I just want to remind everyone here that even the Warner Bros executives hated this show and only made it because they were under contract.

    Elmyra was fine in Tiny Toon Adventures because she wasn't really a huge focus. We saw her in small doses and that was it, but to make her a main character... no... she's annoying! Not only that, but of all the crossover, Pinky and the Brain? They have enough trouble taking over the world without her around! I'm reminded of the episode "The Pinky, the Brain and Larry". Larry was making fun of all those useless add-in characters who never contribute to the series and pointed out why an idea like this wouldn't work.

    So why does this even have a passing score? Well, Warner Bros back during this time always made me laugh with their cartoons, and even Elmyra couldn't ruin that completely for me. Nevertheless, this is a very mediocre show and I'm glad it only lasted a season because this was one of the worst crossover ideas ever thought up.
  • They always say don't mess with a good thing. This is why.

    I always wonder whose idea it was to do this to Pinky and the Brain. It was just not a good idea at all. The only reason I watched any of it was because I love the original show. This was just a mess. The best way I can describe it is by using one of my favorite episodes of the original Pinky and the Brain. "Pinky and the Brain and Larry" had a great set up. They squeezed him into the opening theme (at the beginning of the season, I believe), and my dad and I were scared to death. We didn't know why they would add another character. After a wacky, Three Stooges-like story, they concluded that the reason things went wrong was because of the extra person. "It's just Yin and Yang! There shouldn't be a Larry!" After an episode like that, why did they go and put Larry back in?
  • The bad spinoff to the good show.

    Pinky and the Brain was truly one of the greatest shows of all time. When word was released that Elmyra from Tiny Toon Adventures, arguably the worst character Warner Bros. has ever created, was going to be added to the cast in a spinoff to the show, there were petitions with thousands of signatures to stop this from happening. Everyone knew that it would mean the end of WB's silver age, and it did.

    Tiny Toons was a great show, don't get me wrong, but it had one fatal flaw. That flaw was Elmyra. The only good thing that came out of Tiny Toons' cancellation was that we would no longer be subject to Elmyra's annoying, animal-abusing antics. Then someone at WB got the brilliant idea of adding the worst character they've ever created to the cast of one of the best shows they've ever created. It's no surprise that the show only lasted one season.

    It's just another example of execs and their stupidity. For God's sake, listen to your fans! We know what we want to see! We do not want to see Elmyra ruining our favorite show! I can't believe they actually cancelled the original Pinky and the Brain for this... they practically killed the legacy. Well, not really, since most people remember Pinky and the Brain from their glory days at Acme Labs. That's the way it should be. If this show becomes viewable again in the near future, might I suggest not bothering to watch it unless you're just curious. This show was the disgrace that put an end to WB's silver age of cartoons.