Pioneers of Television

Season 1 Episode 4

Game Shows

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on PBS



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    • Wink Martindale: Mark Goodson once described the game show hosting job as, "Driving a car backwards down a mountain road, and being witty and funny at the same time."

    • Bob Eubanks: The Newlywed Game was a comedy show that happened to have a game there, and that's really what it is, you know? Nobody talks about, "Wow, did you see that great prize they won?" Or, "Wow, they sure knew each other." No, they only talk about the funny stuff.

    • (About "Hollywood Squares")
      Phyllis Diller: At home in bed, at two o'clock in the morning, you'd think of the greatest line that you didn't use. That's enough to kill a person.

    • (About building the drama on "Let's Make a Deal")
      Monty Hall: And you're noticing the contestant's reactions, because you have to play off their reactions. That's the first thing you do. You are like an amateur psychologist, because you're watching the eyelids flutter, and you think you know when her breaking point is, and you go to that point and no farther.

    • Bob Stewart: In my opinion, you have a great game show if the person at home is talking to the screen aloud. When they yell at the screen, "Say so-and-so" or "Do so-and-so" you got 'em hooked.

    • (On the origins of "Wheel of Fortune.")
      Merv Griffin: So we would sit in the back of the car and play "hangman." And years later, I remembered it and thought, "I wonder if that could be a game show?"

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