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  • Season 5
    • Topov The Lookout
      Topov is sat high in a tree in the garden looking out over the neighbourhood. The gang play a game of pirates and Topov plays the lookout in the crows' nest of the pretend ship.
    • Quiet Please
      Quiet Please
      Episode 5
      Hartley, Topov and Pig are making a lot of noise today, by running around, shouting, banging drums and things. It gets too much for Tortoise, who tells Johnny what has been going on. Johnny tells them that it is not nice to go around shouting and making a lot of noise and that they should quieten down.moreless
    • Why Can't Teddy Go Home?
      After finding a teddy in the shop, Topov and Pig assume that a child has dropped it and they feel that they must return it to it's owner. Hartley and Johnny tell them that the teddy bear has been donated to the shop to sell.
    • All That Glitters
      Hartley finds a glitter ball in an old chest in the attic. He takes it down to show the others and soon they all want to play with it, but Hartley wants it for himself. Johnny and Mrs Muddle explain to him that it's better to share things with others, rather than being selfish.moreless
    • The Bird Watcher
      The Bird Watcher
      Episode 2
      Today, Topov is watching the birds that are landing and taking off from the bird table in the new garden, through a pair of binoculars to get a better look at them.

      The others want him to come out and play with them, but Topov stays where he is and continues watching the birds. In the end, the gang end up calling him "The Bird Watcher".moreless
    • The Haunted House
      On the way to the new premises, the Pipkins gang stop at a house for the night. Throughout the night, they can hear strange noises and are convinced that the house is haunted. In the end, they learn that the various noised they heard were creaky floorboards and the wind etc.moreless
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