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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Bertha and Hartley Clean Up
      There are some children in the hospital that Pigeon sees when he perches on the window ledge. He decides to gather Hartley,Pig and Bertha to go and cheer the children up. They, however end up making a mess, so Hartley and Bertha are left to tidy the room by themselves.
    • An Old Glass Door
      The door to the storage room is broken from the hinges, so Hartley and Topov look in the storage room to see if there is anything to replace it with. Hartley and Topov find an old glass door when they search. Because it is heavy and they can't lift or move it by themselves. They get Pig, Pigeon and Mrs P to help them move it from the storage room to outside to be fixed to the repaired door hinges.moreless
    • Johnny's Flat, Hartley's Office
      Johnny feels that he needs an "office" to play in and it be his own personal, space away from everyone else. So he finds some space in the garage. However, Hartley has other ideas. He too sees the space in the garage and decides that he needs a flat to store all of his things in, to sleep in and to invite his friends over. When Johnny sees that Hartley is moving his things into his "office", they argue and in the end, decide to share the space and are friends once again.moreless
    • On The Canal
      On The Canal
      Episode 4
      Hartley and the gang decide to go on barge down the canal for the day. They end up meeting some children in need of some assistance.

      Hartley and the gang help them by fixing their boat that has sprung a leak. After a bit, they fix the boat and go on their way back to the Pipkins shop.moreless
    • Hartley's Teeth
      Hartley's Teeth
      Episode 5
      It's time for Hartley to pay a visit to the dentist. He worries about it and is scared, until he talks to Johhny about it. Johnny tells him that there's nothing to be afraid of and it's something that everyone goes through.
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