Pipkins - Season 2

ITV (ended 1981)


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Episode Guide

  • The Drum
    The Drum
    Episode 7
    Whilst going through some new things that have arrived at the shop, Hartley comes across a drum. He starts hitting it with a knitting needle and likes the sound it makes. He then takes it to Johnny, who explains that to play the drum properly, he must use drumsticks. After getting some, Hartley has a lot of fun with his new drum and plays it for everybody.moreless
  • The Glove Puppet
    The Glove Puppet
    Episode 6
    Topov is searching through an old chest and comes across a lonely sock. He takes it to Johhny, who suggests that it might be fun to make it into a glove puppet. So he finds a couple of ping pong balls and a marker pen and makes the sock into a puppet, much to the amusement of the Pipkins gang. They then make a bunch of glove puppets and put on a show.moreless
  • A Day With The Scrapman
    Everybody's hard at work today clearing out the shop with things that are going to the scrapyard. When the scrapman comes, he piles everything into the back of his van. Hartley, Topov and Johnny ask if they can go with the scrapman to see what it is he actually does. They all pile into the van and go with him on his collections and learn what happens at the scrapyard. After it has all been done, the scrapman takes Hartleym Topov and Johnny back to the shop.moreless
  • Tortoise The Fastest
    It's sports day and Tortoise is worried that he won't win any races or events. Topov, Pig and Hartley decide that it would be to let Tortoise win a few events, because that's what friends do. In the end, Tortoise actually wins the race without Hartley and the others letting him.moreless
  • Hartley And The Flag
    Hartley finds a flag amongst some bric a brac in the shop. He likes it so much, that he decides to take it everywhere with him. However, Pig also likes the flag and asks Hartley to share it, but he says no. In the end, Johnny steps in and teaches Hartley that the right thing to do is to share, because that is what friends do.moreless
  • The Laughing Bag
    The Laughing Bag
    Episode 2
    Johnny and Hartley are playing a game of hide and seek, when they hear a giggling sound. They decide to investigate what it is and where it's coming from. They eventually find a bag that is moving. After opening it, they find out that it is Tortoise playing a trick on them.moreless
  • The Toy Makers
    The Toy Makers
    Episode 1
    Johnny and Hartley are bored, so they go and see Tortoise, who suggests that it would be fun to make toys.
    They get all the materials together and make some toy soldiers and some cars. In the end, they decide to give the toys to charity and learn that it's better to give than receive.moreless
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