Pipkins - Season 3

ITV (ended 1981)


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Episode Guide

  • Goodbye Pipkins
    Goodbye Pipkins
    Episode 11
    It's another sad day today for the Pipkins gang. The Pipkins shop is having to be sold and everyone is upset about having to leave, because of all the memories that they have there.
  • Death Of A Goldfish
    Death Of A Goldfish
    Episode 10
    It's a sad day for all the Pipkins gang today. The pet goldfish has died. Everyone is very upset and Johnny explains that death is a natural part of life and that everyone dies eventually.
  • The Royal Atronomer
    It's night time at the Pipkins shop and Hartley is looking through his window at all the stars. He looks in his astronomy book and sees that people use a telescope to look at stars, so he rumages through an old chest and finds one to look through. Octavia comes and sits with him and looks through the telescope with him. They learn all about the stars and constellations.moreless
  • Uncle And The Marrow
    Uncle McHare is busy in his garden today, trying to grow prize winning vegetables. The Pipkins gang visit him and Uncle McHare tells them all about his vegetables. Soon they all go to the gardeners competition and Uncle wins first prize with his marrow.
  • Hartley And The Dog
    Octavia and Hartley are in the yard playing, when a stray dog comes up to them. Octavia is a little scared of it, but Hartley likes it very much.

    He runs off and asks the others if he can keep it. Johnny tells him that it is not his dog to keep and someone might be looking for him. The gang make posters and put them up all around the neighbourhood in case someone is indeed looking for it.

    Eventually, a little elderly lady comes to the shop and explains that it is her dog. Hartley is rather upset about giving the dog up, but learns that it is not his to keep and the right thing to do is give him back.moreless
  • Hartley And The Lamp
    Whilst browsing through new things in the shop, Hartley comes across a lamp. He takes it and shows Johnny, Topov, Tortoise and Uncle McHare. He thinks that if he rubs it, a genie will appear, much to his disappointment, nothing happens. But, he still says that he wants to keep it and he puts it in his room.moreless
  • Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Episode 5
    When someone leaves a large box of things for the shop, Hartley looks inside to find 4 gnomes. He doesn't know what they are, so he asks Johnny who tells him that they are gnomes. Soon, the gang visit a workshop that makes gnomes and learn all about how they're made. The only question they have now is where will the gnomes in the shop go? After some discussion, they all decide that it will be best to put them in the garden next to the flowers.moreless
  • Catching The Mood
    Catching The Mood
    Episode 4
    Today, Tortoise is in a bad mood. The others are bewildered as to why he feels like this. Johnny then has a talk to him and explains about emotions and that it is perfectly normal to feel in a bad mood sometimes, as it's all part of life. After a story and a game or two, Tortoise begins to feel happy again and joins in whole heartedly with the others.moreless
  • Cowboys
    Episode 3
    Topov finds a box of cowboy clothes and toys that someone has left at the shop. He and the rest of the Pipkins gang decide to have some fun with them and play cowboys and indians. Johnny is the Sheriff and Hartley is his deputy during the game. While playing, they learn all about what it was like to be a cowboy in the Wild West.moreless
  • Hartley The Leader
    Hartley The Leader
    Episode 2
    The gang are playing a game of follow the leader. Each of them take turns being the leader, until they get to Hartley and they decide that they've had enough of playing this game. Upset, Hartley goes off and sits alone until Tortoise comes over and asks what's wrong. He explains what happened and Tortoise goes over to the gang and explains that what they did was not nice and quite mean. In the end, they all go to Hartley and apologise for what they did and they let him be the leader for the longest time.moreless
  • Topov And The Bananas
    Topov is sad because his bananas have been taken by Pig, who won't give them back to him. After many attempts to get them back, he tells Hartley and Johnny, who come and help him by telling Pig that it's wrong to take things that don't belong to you and not give them back. Pig apologises and gives Topov his bananas back.moreless