Pippi Longstocking

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  • Season 1
    • 9/27/98
      Kling and Klang have been assigned to escort two tough criminals on a train ride to a new maximum security jail. Also aboard for the ride are Tommy and Annika under Mrs. P's supervision, and to the delight of TK and Bloom, a gold shipment is loaded along with an armed guard prompting TK & Bloom's decision to get on board as well. Pippi, Horse and Mr. Nilsson decide to join the party and the antics follow as TK and Bloom assume the criminals have a plan to get the gold, and want a part of it.moreless
    • 9/26/98
      Pippi befriends an inept, but good-natured carpenter and manages to help him find work in the village. When his poor workmanship puts the town at risk, Pippi must step in to do some hasty renovations.
    • 9/20/98

      Bloom gets wind that he is being considered as Aunt Matilda's heir to her fortune upon her death. TK and Bloom are determined to ingratiate themselves to the crotchety old aunt, and Pippi has the task of finding charitable activities for the reformed crooks.

    • 9/19/98
      Pippi sends a request to her father, Captain Longstocking, on a remote island in the South Pacific, for some unusual flower seeds so she may enter the town's annual flower show. The Captain's letter, explaining that the seeds are for cannibal flowers, is somehow lost as Pippi manages to grow the most exotic species of flowers ever seen. Not equating the loss of many small items to the flower, Pippi enters the show, and chaos prevails as the cannibal flowers eat the other plant entries. Mrs. Prysellious silly accusation that the plants ate her flowers is dismissed until she is proven correct.moreless
    • The whole town is in an uproar at the discovery of a giant footprint in the snow, presumed to be that of a mythological creature. At the prospect of the town's and townsfolk notoriety, several people are caught in the drama and crazy antics of being the first to sight and capture the creature, thereby bringing fame and fortune to themselves. All the while, Mr. Nilsson gets around undetected wearing giant snowshoes on his feet.moreless
    • 9/12/98
      A mysterious woman arrives in the village just as a ghost is sighted at the old castle. Pippi teams up with Kling and Klang to solve the mystery of the ghost ... or is it the White Lady?
    • Pippi Trains Some Animals
      An encounter with a local farmer who treats his horse very badly convinces Pippi that she has to give his animals a vacation - at Villa Villekulla. Horse and Mr. Nilsson are not too enthused with the new boarders, but the animal owner learns his lesson.
    • Pippi's friends are entering their report on the field trip up North in a competition for one of the special school prizes. Pippi decides this is worth returning to school for, and is there to disrupt the special occasion, much to the disturbance of Mrs. Prysellious and the very "proper" guest of honor, Mr. Rosenbloom.

    • 8/30/98

      The field trip up North continues and Pippi and her "crew" must outsmart Poachers to save the rare green whales from extinction.

    • 8/29/98
      Pippi and her friends join Captain Longstocking on a journey to a remote Northern Community to deliver supplies. It is a trip full of adventure as they team up with the natives to battle storms, icebergs and "poachers."
    • Pippi Doesn't Want to Go to School
      Pippi discovers that she is missing out on certain holidays because she doesn't go to school, so there is nothing to take a holiday from. She joins Annika and Tommy and attends the local school, much to the amusement of the other students and the dismay of the teacher.
    • 8/22/98
      Pippi suddenly realizes that she is eventually going to grow up. This is not a prospect she likes and as she thinks about her future, we see her fears realized as we flash forward to a bleak future as a grown-up.
    • Pippi's Christmas
      Episode 14
      Pippi's first Christmas on land proves to be a special one. Thunder Karlson and Bloom have nowhere to go for Christmas and even their attempts to get arrested are bungled. Pippi comes to their aid and helps them to understand the true meaning of Christmas.
    • 8/15/98
      Annika and Tommy introduce Pippi to a local custom, the annual town fair. It is all a bit confusing to Pippi and she has her own unique interpretation for everything she encounters, including the fire breather, snake charmer, card reader, bumper cars and Ferris wheel. When Adolphe, the world's strongest man, challenges to take on anyone, he is not aware that Pippi Longstocking is in the audience. He regrets the challenge.moreless
    • Pippi Saves the Old Folks
      When the Old Folks Home is being torn down and replaced by a newer, colder, less humane structure, Pippi comes to the rescue of the town's senior citizens. Not only does she prove that you can fight City Hall, but she also manages to save the lives of the Chairman's children in the process as the new building comes tumbling down.moreless
    • 8/8/98
      Tommy and Annika are intrigued and their curiosity peaked by Pippi's tales of personal encounters with shipwrecks. They consider Pippi very lucky and their own lives quite boring. She tells them not to despair. If it's a shipwreck they want, then they'll just go find one right that very day. Pippi pulls a rowboat out of the sea, proceeds to repair it and they set off to encounter a shipwreck.moreless
    • 8/2/98
      Thunder Karlson and Bloom consult a Criminal Manual in hopes of accomplishing the perfect crime and getting Pippi's gold. The Manual offers a lot of creative ways to carry out a crime. However, the Manual obviously didn't take into account Pippi Longstocking and her eccentric habits.
    • 8/1/98

      The local horse show attracts the very finest horses. Pippi decides to enter Horse. After much humiliation from the other contestants, and to the horror of Mrs. Prysselius, Horse comes through it all with flying colours. Although unconventional, he performs much better than the rest.

    • 7/26/98
      It is winter in the village and all the town is involved in winter sports. Each year there is a ski race between neighboring villages. Bengt the Bully challenges Pippi and we get the opportunity to see Pippi's skiing skills put to the test.
    • Pippi Goes Home
      Episode 7
      Following their stay on the exotic island it is time to go home. After rescuing Thunder Karlson and Bloom from a deserted island they set sail for home. En route they encounter many difficulties at sea including a windless channel and a tidal wave, until finally they are washed up on an unknown land. After settling this new continent they discover that perhaps they've seen this land before.moreless
    • 7/19/98
      When the Hoptoad docks on an exotic island, Pippi, Tommy and Annika are left in charge of the Island pearls. They have to use their wits and strength to outsmart a pair of Pearl Poachers. They travel the island foraging over the waterways and jungle to protect the pearls and their won safety.moreless
    • 7/18/98
      Captain Longstocking docks in the village to pick up Pippi and take her with him to the South Seas. Annika and Tommy are given permission to go along and they all set sail for adventure on the high seas. Pippi teaches the Settergren's about life on board, teaching them to be look-outs and how to manage a pirate attack. Unbeknownst to the Captain and crew, Thunder Karlson and Bloom are castaways yet again in search of their fortunes. Unfortunately, they get very sea sick and the fortune is not as easy to access as they had hoped.moreless
    • 7/12/98
      Pippi finds a hot air balloon in the attic and decides to try it out with Annika and Tommy. They fly to the next town and inadvertently manage to assist in the capture of two crooks.
    • 7/11/98
      Two city slickers decide they want to buy Villa Villekulla. Thunder Karlson and Bloom set themselves up as real estate agents and try to sell Pippi's house, without her knowledge or consent. Pippi appears to be playing along, but all the while she is on top of the game and gets everyone so confused that the city folk vow never to step foot in a small town again. Thunder Karlson and Bloom are escorted to jail.moreless
    • 7/5/98
      Local crooks Thunder Karlson and Bloom are always looking for an easy and fast fortune. When they catch sight of Pippi's chest of gold, they are determined to get a share for themselves. Pippi proves to be more of an obstacle than they had bargained for.
    • Pippi Longstocking arrives in a small Swedish town to take up residence in her Villa. The young girl lives with her companions, Horse and Mr. Nilsson (a monkey). All the townsfolk agree that the village will never quite be the same again. Annika and Tommy, Pippi's new neighbors, are excited about the adventures they are sure to share with their new friend; and the adults are certain that this eccentric little girl with her wild imagination, incredible strength and lack of parental supervision will cause no end of trouble.