Pippi Longstocking

HBO (ended 1999)


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  • Pippi Longstocking is a great show about a nine-year-old who is the strongest girl in the world! It is a cute show that is very entertaining and humorous!

    I remember watching this show when I was little and I always loved it! Now that I have younger siblings, they watch the show and they love it too! We eventually bought the DVDs and they watch an episode almost every day.

    I really liked the plots of the episodes. The plot wasn't always a continuous one through out the series, but they sometimes linked episodes together. And sometimes they had three-parter episodes. I really liked the characters in this show, espeically Pippi, who was always makeing me laugh.

    Another thing I liked about this show was the beautiful backgrounds. They were very well done and very detailed.

    Anyway, this show will always be very speacial to me. And, even though it wasn't educational, like most children's shows, it was very enjoyable to watch!