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Pirate Island

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Kate, Nicholas and Sarah Redding's father is a computer game designer and Kate is testing a game called Pirate Island - a game involved 18th century pirates and a very cute guy castaway called Mars. Sarah triggers a device which sends all three siblings into the computer game where they loose the device to Captain Blackheart and find themselves trapped. Kate soon realises that if she wants to go home - they need to steal back the device and win the game - but that will mean leaving Mars behind. Awards: Winner of the Atom Award for Best Children's TV Series in 2003 (Australia).
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  • Pirate Islands is an amazing show, Anyone who doesnt like it...has problems.

    Pirate Islands, a show about three kids who get zapped into a video game through a strange looking device called "The Scanner" When they hit the ground in 'Pirate Islands' They discover they need to retrieve the scanner to get home, but the pirate Blackheart has stolen it. And so they do a trade, they will find the treasure and swap it for the scanner, so they go through loads of random obsticals to get there, boots that walk on water, jetpacks, golden eggs, floating wheels, skull keys, ghosts.

    this is one of the best tv shows ever created :)moreless
  • Thar she blows!

    Welcome to Pirate Islands, 3 spoiled kids are sucked into the 18th century through a video game and must get the console back from the evil Blackheart or they'll be stuck there forever.

    For a show that has trouble filling one episode; 26 is just needless and dreadful writing and acting destroy what little potential the show had.

    The whole Pirate theme had since been exploited enough with the Pirates of the Carribean movies, after that i don't think there was any room for more "Arrs" and swashbuckling and this show brings nothing new to the idea and with its tiny budget it doesn't do justice to the Pirate movies that it shamelessly bootlegged. (Excuse the Pun). I won't bother going through the Z - list Australian actors only that the 2D characters are portrayed with no talent and the few that show aptitude are just too hammy. All in all; Pirate Islands is just a shocking season of done - to - death plots and annoying acting. Avoid.moreless
  • A modern girl and an 18th century guy along with an adventure and pirates.

    It's a shame that the entire series still hasn't been played in all countries which only got the first half of the first series.

    Kate is a likable heroine who, along with her brother Nicholas and sister Sarah, are zapped into a computer game her father created - but find themselves trapped in it.

    Mars is the leader of a groups of castaways, but Carmen has plans which don't include him - especially when he gets too close to Kate.

    Like all Jonathan M. Shiff productions this is just a great family series which anyone can sit back and enjoy. It has beautiful scenery and some well known, along with relatively unknown stars.

    If you liked Thunderstone and Ocean Girl, you'll love this too.moreless
  • This show is my Absoulute Favourite. It was made in 2003 and i've only missed one episode and that was the first one.

    I was so excited the first time i saw "Pirate Islands".

    It had amazing characters and it was so funny.

    I would get up every morning at 8.30 just so i could watch the series. I would get so angry if i missed an episode.

    It had an amazing storyline, it was so cool and easy to follow.

    My favourite episode would have to be the last one because thats how it ends...

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