Pirate Island

Network Ten (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Going Home
      Going Home
      Episode 26
      Kate, Nicholas and Sarah are close to going home and Kate must make a plan to stop Blackheart forever - but can she do it in time?
    • Secret Island
      Secret Island
      Episode 25
      The hunt for the location of the Golden Idol is on, but Carmen will stoop at nothing to get there first - even if it means betraying Kate once again.
    • Defeating Quade
      Defeating Quade
      Episode 24
      The whereabouts of Secret Island are solved by Kate leaving one very upset ghost to contend with!
    • Carmen's Betrayal
      Carmen's Betrayal
      Episode 23
      Carmen is again looking out for herself and she turns to Blackheart again because of her jealousy of Kate and Mars.
    • Behind the Waterfall
      Kate and Mars find themselves trapped together in a maze of underground tunnels - but can they work through their differences and become friends again?
    • The Storm
      The Storm
      Episode 21
      Problems arise for Blackheart just as his crew are planning a mutiny when something goes wrong with the programming.
    • Sarah Kidnapped
      Sarah Kidnapped
      Episode 20
      Aware that Kate has a hideout, Blackheart decides to kidnap Sarah and use her as a bargaining tool.
    • Kate vs Mars
      Kate vs Mars
      Episode 19
      Blackheart and Carmen have formed an alliance. Kate and Mars must put their differences aside to work together against them.
    • The White Room
      The White Room
      Episode 18
      Mars is sure that Kate has betrayed him, not aware that she and Nicholas have had to hide in a blank 'white room' of unprogrammed data space.
    • Mars Restored
      Mars Restored
      Episode 17
      Despite Mars losing the leadership title, the tribe begin to think that Carmen isn't such a good choice when she becomes to focused on finding Kate's tree-house.
    • Training
      Episode 16
      Jealous of Mars not being around as he is spending more and more time with Kate, Carmen goes behind his back and has him voted out as the leader, putting herself in his place.
    • Kate Finds a Sword
      Kate Finds a Sword
      Episode 15
      Kate realises that she needs to defend herself - starting with getting a sword, and she has her eye on the best -Blackheart's.
    • The Riddle
      The Riddle
      Episode 14
      Kate finds herself in a tricky sitution when she has to deal with a new pirate -Cutthroat Jack after Mars is captured by Blackheart.
    • The Showdown
      The Showdown
      Episode 13
      Kate attempts to leave the island with her siblings, but she is struggling to abandon Mars.
    • Ghost Attack
      Ghost Attack
      Episode 12
      Kate makes the superstitious pirates think that there's a ghost roving their ship.
    • Plantspeak
      Episode 11
      Blackheart, fed up with Kate's interference, takes the offensive.
    • Nightmare
      Episode 10
      Blackheart orders Carmen to use her medical knowledge to cure his nightmares.
    • The Second Power-Up
      Nicholas finds a jet-pack that gives him the power of flight.
    • Perry the Kid (3)
      Nicholas grows impatient with waiting for Mars to find Perry, so he sets up a trap. He begins barbquing some fish, and the aroma attracts Perry. Nicholas realizes Perry is there, so he takes off running after Perry, and runs right into Cutthroat. Cutthroat begins dragging Nicholas back to the ship, but Perry saves him, and then he makes Nicholas not follow him. Meanwhile, at the tree house Sarah tries to figure out a name for the talking flower while Kate studies Captain Quaid log. Mars shows up. He informs them that he has been unable to find Perry, and then tries to get Kate to let him see part of the Captain's log, but Nicholas shows up. He informs them he has seen Perry, and he informs them that Perry has a secret hiding spot. Mars knows it's not on Castaway Island, so they begin searching Main Island. Over on Castaway Island, Perry is trying to sneak some food away, but Carmen captures him. She promises that Perry can have all the food he wants, as long as he gives her the music maker. Perry refuses, and Carmen banishes him from the village, but this is illegal since Mars hasn't agreed to it. Carmen makes Perry think otherwise though. Still starving, Perry decides to raid the Pirate Ship. Nicholas tries to stop him, but Perry refuses, so Nicholas goes and gets the water boot power up and follows Perry to the ship. While at the tree house, Sarah reveals to Nicholas the name of her talking flower, Belle. As Kate returns, Sarah reveals that Nicholas has gone after Perry to the Pirate Ship. Kate and Sarah race after Nick, but when they get to the beach they see Blackhart just beginning to return to the ship. Sarah goes to find Mars, and Kate runes out onto the beach where the pirates can see her. Blackhart immediatly begins a pursuit of Kate, but as Kate is fleeing she runs into Carmen. She warns Carmen that the pirates are right behind her, so Carmen (not beliving) begins calling Blackhart's name. Blackhart arrives, and Carmen realizes that Kate was telling the truth, so she begins running. Blackhart sees movement in the trees, and begins pursuing Carmen instead of Kate. Out at the ship Perry has been captured by the two pirates on board: Percy and the cook. Perry uses some quick talking to convince them that he wants to join the pirates. Percy agrees to talk to the captain about him joining on one condition: that he steals Mars spyglass and returns it to the ship. Percy then rows Perry ashore. After some quick thinking, Nicholas returns to the treehouse where he informs Kate, Sarah, and Mars that Perry is going to join the pirates. Mars and Kate run to Castaway Village, but they arrive to late. Perry has already taken off with the spyglass, but while at the village Mars gives Carmen a lecture for overriding her authority when she cast Perry out of the village. Perry returns to Percy, but Nicholas uses some quick talking to reveal the truth. Then he throws sand into Percy eyes allowing him and Perry to escape. Perry takes Nick to his hiding spot, but the pirates have been there, and they have taken the music stereo box. Mars invites Nicholas, Kate, and Sarah to a party that night at Castaway Village. Kate shows up in a gorgeous dress which makes Carmen all the more upset, and at the celebration Mars bestows Perry with the title "Offical Keeper of the spyglass." Over on teh pirate ship Captain Blackhart and Dougal try to figure out what the stereo box is capable of, but they have yet to figure it out.moreless
    • Talking Plants (2)
      This episode begins with Kate and Sarah looking over Captain Quade's book. It has caused some happy times, because it gives a chart of things on all the islands. However Sarah decides she wants to find the red flower in the books pages, but both Nicholas and Kate want to locate Percy so they can get those batteries and go home. The 3 decide to split up: Kate to the castaway village to barter, Nicholas to look for Perry, and Sarah to do whatever she wants. She decides to look for the node which will take her to the red flower. Meanwhile, Captain Blackhart is conspiring against the rest of the pirates. He believes he has finally figured out Quade's map, so he plans on forcing the 6 pirates on his ship to dig for the treasure and then killing all but Dougal with the same poison he killed Captain Quade with. He even spreads the poison out on a blade. Kate is at the castaway village when Carmen decides to try and get something valuable for the batteries. She feels that there is nothing Kate has which is as valuable as the batteries, so she thinks she should just give them to the pirates. Kate agrees to give them Captain Quade's book if they give her the batteries. Meanwhile, Sarah has found the node which goes to plant island. She calls Kate with the good news, but Captain Blackhart arrives before Sarah can get away. Her only escape is through the node, so she jumps to Plant Island. Mars and Carmen reveal nobody returns from Plant Island, and in a desperate attempt to save her sister Mars agrees to show Kate the node enterance. As they arrive at the node enterance, the pirates are still digging. Sarah decides to call Kate at the most inconvient time, and the phone goes off where Blackhart can hear it. He chases Kate and Mars, and in the process he cuts Mars with the poisoned blade. Now Kate is forced to take him to the treehouse so the poison won't circulate through his system. Over on Plant Island, some Plants begin teasing Sarah. Sarah gets scared, and she ends up running into the plants with the cell phone by teh enterance to the node. Nicholas is surprised when Kate walks into the tree house with Mars, until Kate reveals that Mars is poisoned. She tries to cool off Mars, who is now burning with fever, while Nicholas tries and calls Sarah. Of course, Sarah doesn't answer because she nolonger has the phone. The last thing Mars manages to mention before losing consiousness is that Carmen has medicines which can stop the poison. Sarah races to Castaway Island while Nicholas tries to keep Mars eyes awake. Carmen tries to barter with Kate for the medicine. She wants to learn the location of Kate's hideout, but Kate refuses. Finally Carmen decides to give Kate the medicine, but she also states that Kate's hideout will no longer be secret if Mars survives. Mars tells her everything. Kate arrives back at the treehouse. She applies the medicine, and then she sends Nicholas to the node to look for Sarah. Over on Plant Island, Sarah has begun crying. She is hopelessly lost, without the cell phone, and no way to get back to the node. Just then, a weird flower appears. It has the ability to communicate with the people. It safely leads her back to the node. On the other side of the node, Nicholas arrives, and the pirates have just finished digging up a box. The box is filled with rocks and a note. The note states that the chart cannot successfully be derived without the book which he took to his grave. Blackhart doesn't know Kate has this book now, so in a fury he and the crew return to the ship. Nicholas jumps through the node, sees the phone, and begins calling Sarah's name. He is surprsed when she comes through the plants successfully. She is carrying the talking plant. Mars successfully recovers, and Kate accompanies him back to Castaway Island. Sure enough, Mars tells Carmen that Kate is hiding in a tree house, but he claims that the poison has deleted the location of the tree house from his memory. Carmen gives an exasperated sigh as Kate grins, and the episode ends. To Be Continued . . .moreless
    • Haunted Island (1)
      The episode begins with Nicholas and Sarah trying to recharge the dead batteries in the sun. It restores a slight amount of power, but not enough to take them home. Kate decides they need to see if the Castaway Kids have any of their items which had batteries in them. Apparently all of Kate's bedroom items where warped to Pirate Island. Mars and Perry find Kate investigating their homes. Kate tells them she is looking for a magic box which can play music. Mars agrees to help Sarah, Nick, and Kate find their jam box or alarm clock. Perry knows exactly what she is talking about, and he goes to his room and finds out the jam box still works. Carmen hears the music, and decides it will make a great trade to the pirates, so Perry runs off with the jam box. He runs through the node to Main Island, and bumps straight into Mars. He shows Mars what he has, and Mars tries to get the jam box for Kate which makes Perry run again. Mars tells Kate, Nick, and Sarah who has the jam box. They divide into 2 teams of two (Nick & Mars and Kate & Sarah). While looking for Perry, Mars notices pirate boats on the shore. Kate and Sarah hear music from the jam box, and they try to get Perry to give them it, but once again Perry runs. 3 Pirates: Darcy, Cutthroat Jack, and the Cook, had come on shore for fire wood, but they see Perry, Kate, and Sarah and decide to try to capture them. Perry leads them all to a node which goes directly to Haunted Island. He does not go through the node, but he makes Kate think he did. Sarah goes into hiding while Kate goes through the node. Cutthroat follows her through the node until he hears a voice. He goes back through the node, and the 3 pirates decide to return to the boat to tell the Captain that the kids have been using magic devices to travel from one Island to another. As Kate hides in a cave, she is met by the ghost of Captain Quade. Captain Quade reveals that he was stabbed to death by Captain Blackheart, because he was about to pursue the Golden Idol (the pirates treasure) by himself. He also promises Kate that her bones will join his there, but he accidentally reveals a book which he has to Kate. The book gives the code needed to translate the treasure map. Captain Blackheart follows Kate to Haunted Island, but he is confronted by the ghost of Captain Quade. While Captain Quade fight Blackheart, Kate grabs his book. Blackheart retreats, and Captain Quade pursues Kate, but he is afriad of destroying his book. Kate escapes, bumps into Mars (who had been informed of Kate by Sarah), and the two of them return to Main Island. To Be Continued . . .moreless
    • The Great Escape (2)
      Kate demands that Mars helps her to see Nicholas on Blackheart's ship - but Carmen isn't too willing to let him. Despite everything which has happened - could Mars be falling in love with Kate?
    • Blackmail (1)
      Blackmail (1)
      Episode 4
      Carmen betrays Nicholas to Blackheart and Kate must move quickly to try to save him from walking the plank - but first she needs to ask Mars for help.
    • Close Call
      Close Call
      Episode 3
      Mars comes to help Kate after her boots which walk on water disappear under her feet and she falls into the water - but can't swim properly. Nicholas and Sarah act as decoys for Kate - but will it backfire when the pirates go after them?
    • Sanctuary
      Episode 2
      Nicholas comes under attack by a plant after going through a node, an icon which can transport them to somewhere else on the island. Unable to get the scanner to do anything, Captain Blackheart orders his men to find and bring back Kate.
    • The Game
      The Game
      Episode 1
      Kate is playing a new game, Pirate Islands, for her father as a test run. Sarah and Nicholas come into the room to see what she is doing. Sarah picks up a scanner and when lightening hits the house the three of them are transported into the game. But when Captain Blackheart steals the scanner, they must rely on the help of Mars to try and get it back.moreless