Pirate Island

Season 1 Episode 8

Perry the Kid (3)

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Apr 26, 2003 on Network Ten
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Perry the Kid (3)
Nicholas grows impatient with waiting for Mars to find Perry, so he sets up a trap. He begins barbquing some fish, and the aroma attracts Perry. Nicholas realizes Perry is there, so he takes off running after Perry, and runs right into Cutthroat. Cutthroat begins dragging Nicholas back to the ship, but Perry saves him, and then he makes Nicholas not follow him. Meanwhile, at the tree house Sarah tries to figure out a name for the talking flower while Kate studies Captain Quaid log. Mars shows up. He informs them that he has been unable to find Perry, and then tries to get Kate to let him see part of the Captain's log, but Nicholas shows up. He informs them he has seen Perry, and he informs them that Perry has a secret hiding spot. Mars knows it's not on Castaway Island, so they begin searching Main Island. Over on Castaway Island, Perry is trying to sneak some food away, but Carmen captures him. She promises that Perry can have all the food he wants, as long as he gives her the music maker. Perry refuses, and Carmen banishes him from the village, but this is illegal since Mars hasn't agreed to it. Carmen makes Perry think otherwise though. Still starving, Perry decides to raid the Pirate Ship. Nicholas tries to stop him, but Perry refuses, so Nicholas goes and gets the water boot power up and follows Perry to the ship. While at the tree house, Sarah reveals to Nicholas the name of her talking flower, Belle. As Kate returns, Sarah reveals that Nicholas has gone after Perry to the Pirate Ship. Kate and Sarah race after Nick, but when they get to the beach they see Blackhart just beginning to return to the ship. Sarah goes to find Mars, and Kate runes out onto the beach where the pirates can see her. Blackhart immediatly begins a pursuit of Kate, but as Kate is fleeing she runs into Carmen. She warns Carmen that the pirates are right behind her, so Carmen (not beliving) begins calling Blackhart's name. Blackhart arrives, and Carmen realizes that Kate was telling the truth, so she begins running. Blackhart sees movement in the trees, and begins pursuing Carmen instead of Kate. Out at the ship Perry has been captured by the two pirates on board: Percy and the cook. Perry uses some quick talking to convince them that he wants to join the pirates. Percy agrees to talk to the captain about him joining on one condition: that he steals Mars spyglass and returns it to the ship. Percy then rows Perry ashore. After some quick thinking, Nicholas returns to the treehouse where he informs Kate, Sarah, and Mars that Perry is going to join the pirates. Mars and Kate run to Castaway Village, but they arrive to late. Perry has already taken off with the spyglass, but while at the village Mars gives Carmen a lecture for overriding her authority when she cast Perry out of the village. Perry returns to Percy, but Nicholas uses some quick talking to reveal the truth. Then he throws sand into Percy eyes allowing him and Perry to escape. Perry takes Nick to his hiding spot, but the pirates have been there, and they have taken the music stereo box. Mars invites Nicholas, Kate, and Sarah to a party that night at Castaway Village. Kate shows up in a gorgeous dress which makes Carmen all the more upset, and at the celebration Mars bestows Perry with the title "Offical Keeper of the spyglass." Over on teh pirate ship Captain Blackhart and Dougal try to figure out what the stereo box is capable of, but they have yet to figure it out.moreless

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