Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 9

24 Hour Party Pirates

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jul 24, 2007 on CBS
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24 Hour Party Pirates
The ship's command is rocked to its foundation when an unexpected twist shocks them all! When the captain's bounty is recovered, a change in the Pirate's Code is unleashed on the winning crew. Eat, drink and be merry...for there is no tomorrow for one of these pirates.moreless
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    • Azmyth: (on who will win the game) It'll be interesting to see who the actual Pirate Master is. If it's not me, I don't know who it's gonna be.

    • Kendra: (defending herself at pirate's court) My heart is here with my Captain and crew, breathing deep the possibility of treasure to be found. The Black Spot does not cast a shadow, for I saw a red sky tonight, a sailor's prediction of fair winds and good fortune.

    • Azmyth: (defending himself at pirate's court) You are correct in saying that I am a strong competitor… And I will tell you that I will fight my hardest for myself to be here, to win. And for the rest of the crews that I'm on, I'll stay positive, I'll stay strong.

    • Louie: (on the two who were black spotted) Kendra's perceived as the weakest swimmer and Azmyth is up there just because he's a strong competitor. This is a perfect chance for if you want to vote for the weak, you vote for the weak. If you want to vote for the strong, you vote for the strong.

    • Ben: (on the black spots) Christa put an interesting twist on how to choose the Black Spots. It looks diplomatic, fair. It takes the heat off of her for whoever doesn't get set adrift. So I think she played that smart.

    • Christa: (on the black spot) Black Spotting people that the crew suggests you to Black Spot is brilliant. I don't know why anybody never thought of it before.

    • Christa: (on the plan proposed by Jay) I can't just look her in the eye, knowing that I took her money. I got this far doing the right thing. And if worse comes to worse, I'll just change my mind later.

    • Jay: (on the plan he proposed to Christa) The benefit to me of getting rid of Kendra would just simply be that I could take her $10,000 and not have to see her again so I don't have to feel bad about it.

    • Jay: (on the plan he proposed to Christa) I want to do two things here. I want to make sure that Kendra doesn't get all of her money. And number two, I wanna make sure she goes home.

    • Louie: (on 'sharing' the wealth) If a Captain takes all the treasure, there's no doubt in my mind that every Pirate on that ship will get that Captain cut adrift.

    • Christa: (on 'sharing' the wealth) $50,000 is definitely enough to change my life. I'm really confused right now because I want the money, obviously for [my daughter], but I know if I keep it, it's gonna make everybody mad and I could potentially go home.

    • Christa: (on being voted Captian) I didn't want to be Captain because I don't want to be out there to make those decisions. Every single person who's been there has also gotten a Black Spot. Why would I want that

    • Louie: (on the black crew losing the expedition) I don't like losing. But I've been trying to get Azmyth out of that Captain blue coat for a long time and today it's done.

    • Christa: (reading expedition clue 3) To find the treasure key, subtract one step, divide the total by 22, under the step is the key that waits for you.

    • Christa: (reading expedition clue 2) Keep the shackles close by as you'll eventually see, they will be needed atop the staircase after you've found the treasure key.

    • Jay: (reading expedition clue 1) Align the keys on the stockade from large to small, look down the rings and through the wall.

    • Christa: (on the expedition) My daughter is always in my mind. During every Expedition, I pray and I'm always praying for her and praying that I get treasure so I can share it with her.

    • Ben: (on the feast) It was a good time for us because it was one last time we could unite as an eight person crew before everybody starts going behind each others' back and the games begin.

    • Azmyth: (on losing his officers) The triad has been disbanded and I really can't say what's going to happen right now. As long as the Captain is not the one to be set adrift, then I'm in a great spot.

    • Jay: (on winning the game) We're halfway there right now. I've got seven more Pirates to go through, then I'm the Pirate Master.

    • Jay: (on a possible mutiny) Azmyth's right where I want him. He's isolated, he's targeted because he's a physical threat. He's in a really sad position.

    • Azmyth: (on cutting Jupiter adrift) Seeing Jupiter gone, I hurt inside.

    • Azmyth: (On being cut adrift) It was a little surprising, the unanimous fact of the vote against me.I thought that Jay and Ben, at least out of all of them, might have had my back. You know, the cards fell as they did and even though I helped them out in so many ways, with me on board, they weren't safe, I guess.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode didn't air on TV due CBS canceling the show. However, fans could watch the episode via the CBS website for Pirate Master. The episode was available on the website on July 24, 2007.


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