Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 7

A Deal With the Devil

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jul 10, 2007 on CBS
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A Deal With the Devil
With the balance of power aboard ship tilting in their favor, the officers devise a cruel plan to tire out the crew just before they leave for the next expedition. Trade winds blow romance across the deck as two crew mates take their relationship to another level. Can an elusive treasure be recovered from behind a trap door?moreless
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  • I rated pivotal, because of Joe Don is gone.

    Well, I didn't like him as Captain, but I really enjoyed Joe Don in the crew, kindof the warrior of the bunch. I really liked the story of Louie and Joe Don having to pull together to win against the trio. But now I have to watch this show without an interesting story. Next week seems some of the cast offs come back, and have a challenge with the remaining pirates, hopefully one will win his way back, and I would love to see Joe Don come back to beat the current Officers, which I am torn between hating and liking.moreless
  • Bwahahahaha. Joe Don is gone, and the Triad lives! Azmyth, Jay, and Ben are going all the way. Fo' sho'.

    I don't know why I like this show so much, I really don't. But I really like the current captaincy, because I know for a fact that that is exactly how I would play the game if I was involved. I would probably do a similar thing. I understand that it is a bit stupid for the crew not to mutiny...but then again, the vote has to be unanimous, and Jupiter is pretty good friends with the Triad, so she didn't want to mutiny. I really hope to see Azmyth, Jay, and Ben finish the game strong, because they are basically my favorite characters. I also think it's dumb when the crew gets mad at them for doing their job...I mean they are the captains and the officers, they have power. It only makes sense for them to use it.

    Can't wait for the next episode. Hopefully Kendra or Christa will be the next to go.moreless
  • Oh Lordy, Joe Don is gone! How will Nessa go on? Will she hurl herself overboard?

    I didnt see much of this episode, but really didnt need to. All I know is the black team must have won the task du jour. What it was or what happened doesnt really matter.

    Azimuth and his men apparently starved the rest of the crew with crappy gruel yet they still didnt mutiny. Yeah, these Pirates are dumber than a bag full of hammers or crate of anvils. Joe Don was dumped sparing us any more sappy fake romantic subplots. Thats the only reason it didnt rate a 1.0.

    Once again the preview talk about mutiny - ok it could happen this time but only if Azimuth and his crew lose the task or the Producers smack them around and force them to mutiny. Otherwise its Joe Dons ho bag that gets the heave HO! next week.

    Best part of the hour was the promo for Jericho at 10:59 PM EST.moreless
  • The brain damaged crew still manages to breathe and that is a major accomplishment.

    The Captain works the crew until they are too tired to win the challenge and they have not voted the captain out. Who are these mental midgets, CBS executives, Bravo executives or stooges hand picked by show creator. This show is bad, the cast are too stupid to save themselves, and the real stupid people are the advertisers who pay to sell their wares on a show no one should ever watch.

    The mental midgets at CBS had a good show in Jericho, not great, but good, they put it on the shelf forever and when they brought it back people had lost interest or found other things to watch.

    I would rather watch reruns of JAG, NCIS or The Unit than this piece of trash.moreless

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    • Louie: (at Pirate's Court defending himself) I'm as proud as any father could be of all of you. You're strong and courageous women. My fate is in your hands.

    • Nessa: (on voting who to cut adrift) Joe Don's definitely my main confidante and probably the person I'm closest with on the ship right now. I don't wanna see him leave.

    • Nessa: (on voting who to cut adrift) I adore Louie, everybody does. But when it comes down to the expeditions, Joe Don's really strong, so if he's taken out of the equation, there's a good chance we've been checkmated by Azmyth.

    • Louie: (on being black spotted) I trust my ladies and I've always said it and I've told it to them too. I'm proud of 'em and I look at 'em just like my daughters. But you never know what they're gonna do.

    • Jay: (on making a deal with Kendra to not be cut adrift)If I can keep Kendra, Kendra would have my back forever. I say get out someone that's a threat to us… somebody strong from the other team, like Joe Don or Nessa.

    • Kendra: (on making a deal with Jay to not be cut adrift) I'd really like to stay if there's any kind of chance. I'm a vote that can be bought to keep around. My vote is gonna stand when you guys need it.

    • Jupiter: (on Azmyth and his Officers) Though I don't wear the blue coat, I still kind of have an upper hand with being the one who's feeding them. So I might just get thrown a little bit more money.

    • Azmyth: (on the Black Crew winning the expedition) I love Jay and Ben. We're fantastic as a crew together. As long as we can hold this position, I would never turn my back on them.

    • Kendra: (on the Red Crew losing the expedition) The loss hits me really hard because I barely squeaked by on Pirates' Court last week. I'm considered very weak by everybody on the ship and I have a feeling I'm going home. I needed this win.

    • Louie: (on winning the expedition) This win means everything to me and I wanna take out the biggest threat to me. And that's gonna be Az.

    • Louie: (on Red Crew in the expedition) We're pretty hungry and we're pretty tired ... I just felt like I was gonna pass out.

    • Jay: (on the expedition) The reality of this is if we lose it, the triad is in trouble. Almost guaranteed, at the next Pirates' Court, one or all of us will be Black Spotted.

    • Louie: (on Azmyth and his officers and the expedition) They don't want to feed us that well and we're working hard and they are definitely racking and stacking that deck because those greedy blue coats just want more gold.

    • Jay: (on Louie and Joe Don and the expedition) Me and Azmyth want them to be as weak as possible when we go out on these expeditions. I think it's a great strategy.

    • Azmyth: (on the expedition) Since Joe Don and Louie would be on the Red Crew, we're gonna tire them out as much as we can in any way we possibly can.

    • Nessa: (on Azmyth and his officers) Captain Azmyth is definitely number one on my list. I'm itching to get him out of here.

    • Joe Don: (on Azmyth and his officers) There's gotta be new blood. I'm gonna hang myself if I don't get a win tomorrow, man. It's gonna be tough, but I'm gonna die trying.

    • Azmyth: (on himself and his officers) The three of us, the triad are feeling well rested, well fed and we have another expedition coming up. And I feel that fate has already sealed and signed our destiny. The Black Crew shall triumph.

    • Joe Don: (on being cut adrift)
      I really felt like I played the game the way I really wanted to play the game. I'm gonna miss Nessa. She's a sweet little girl, man. She's cool. And I hope she goes a long ways in this game. I hope she goes a long ways.

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