Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 11

A Judas in their Midst

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Aug 07, 2007 on CBS
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A Judas in their Midst
As Jay continues manipulating his Captain, Christa, and his fellow pirate Ben, Louie keeps working hard on the ship. Everything seems to be OK until Jay tells Ben to do something he might regret in the future.
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  • Jay's card trick pulls in $2k, no treasure to be had from the expedition, (I am seeing this stuff on cbs.com Innertube)

    I really thought Louie was out here with all the back-stabbers left. Especially him hanging out with Jay frequently. I was most impressed with Jay's fixing the deck to win $2k ($500 each play?) from Ben. The guy pulled the same queen twice and Ben didn't question what happened to him. The preview of the next episode with Christa crying her eyes out has me very anxious to see. I wonder if she fell in love with Jay while he was openly using her?! Kendra held her own on this one which didn't do any good. With Jays stalling and no booty for the Captain, it was a nice touch.moreless

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    • Christa: (on who to cut adrift) I did say that I would want to be here in the end with the strongest competitors. And I feel as though Ben is a stronger competitor. So, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to cut Laurel adrift.

    • Jay: (on Ben) How do I trust somebody who was ready to cut me adrift without even blinking? Do I have it in my heart to give him another chance and if I do, is he gonna come up behind me and bury one in my back?

    • Ben: (defending himself at pirate's court) I'm not ready to go. When you cut me adrift, you're cutting my dreams and my hopes. It's not just treasure at stake here, it's my whole life…I want this with every tiny piece of my body and soul. I'll do whatever it takes for you guys to trust me.

    • Laurel: (defending herself at pirate's court) I don't put myself out there because I don't want the stress. I'm not hiding anything when I don't come to you guys with anything because I don't care. Personally, I'm here to play my way.

    • Christa: (on who to cut adrift) I want to go in the end against the best competitors on the ship, not the weakest. I would rather be the second best to the best instead of best of the worst.

    • Jay: (on who to cut adrift) Right now, I know that Louie and Laurel don't have my back, so it might be a better gamble to keep him [Ben] here. I'm still not sure yet though.

    • Ben: (on getting the the black spots) I appealed to his [Jay] genuine side and I let him know if there was anything real about the time we've been together on the ship, then now is the time that I need him to stand up for me

    • Christa: (on the black spots) if you got a Black Spot, it's either because you're a liar or because I want you to stay and I just think it's an easy spot to be in right now.

    • Ben: (to Jay) I really like you as a person and I understand that the game is gonna call for this type of stuff to go down. And I can't really blame you for it. I just gotta see it for what it is and go from there.

    • Jay: (on winning the game)I'll do anything to get to the end of this game/ This game really forces you into a position where you gotta make some difficult choices and do things that go against your morals and your values.

    • Ben : (on strategy) Everything was going just as planned. Christa understood that Jay had been lying the whole time and deceiving everybody. And now I think that I'm safe from the Black Spot.

    • Christa: (on Jay and Ben) Jay and Ben, they went at each other hardcore. They both lied to me, they're about to chew each other's heads off.

    • Ben: (on Jay) I never turn on anybody until they turn on me.

    • Ben: (on Jay's lies) By telling [Christa] that I want her gone? To me, that does not seem like you're looking out for me. That seems like you're trying to get rid of me.

    • Jay: (on the game) What I have to say to people sometimes to play both sides of the fence, it's part of the game. And there's gonna be discussions around a strong player like you.

    • Ben: (on the possibility of giving a black spot to Jay) I don't know if Christa has the tenacity to put Jay up on the Spot. At points, she seems like she's rowdy enough to do anything and then at other times, she seems so swayable that she freaks me out.

    • Christa: (on the possibility of giving a black spot to Jay)I feel bad for them because I don't want them to ever think something bad about their dad because they love him. I care about his kids. I don't want to send him home.

    • Ben: (on the black crew winning the expedition)What this win means to me is that I'm not getting put on the Black Spot tomorrow. Me and Christa both are gonna team up against Jay and hopefully we'll come out victorious.

    • Laurel: (on strategy) I'm probably the most relaxed person on the ship because of the way I'm playing the game. Like, I don't have a strategy. I'm not trying to get one. And that seems to be working out for me.

    • Ben: (on Jay) Christa and I came to the realization that Jay was bad news for all of us. And that we need to get rid of him or he's gonna do a ton more damage.

    • Laurel: (on being cut adrift)I got cut adrift, but I'm happy that I don't have to play the game against Ben and Jay and Christa because it's just not fun to play against them. I got to experience the Pirate life at sea for a minute, but I'm definitely going to be happy to go back to my van.

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