Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 3

Bribes, Lies, and Vengeful Eyes

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jun 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Another pirate is cut adrift, a new captain is chosen after the Red Crew wins the challenge.

    This episode was better than the last few...we had more character development, and I enjoyed that there was a leadership change. I'm not a big fan of Joe Don, I thought he was a bad captain. Azmyth, on the other hand, is someone that I feel makes a much better captain. The biggest thing that I was happy about in this episode was that Alexis got cut adrift. I frickin' hated her, her attitude was horrible. She never wanted to work, she was this prissy girly-girl who did not belong on a pirate ship. Azmyth made the right choice in cutting her loose. She was just slowing everyone else down. I hope that Joe Don goes next week, or possibly Cheryl. I don't like either one of them a whole lot either. Pirate Master isn't the best show ever, but I watch it, and it's kind of sucking me in. So I hope it stays.
  • I never expected to get sucked in. But I'm starting too.

    *When I realized that Joe Don wasn't Captain anymore, I actually cheered outloud! *Everyone needs to get over Azmeth talking with an accent. Seriously, he's just having some fun. He, like all of them, is in a high stress situation, and they need to all find releases when and where they can. So if he wants to play around a little and actually pretend to be a real British priate, leave him be.

    *Jay has no chance in hell of winning this game. Eventually, as there are less and less people on the ship, it's going to become obvious to everyone that he is playing with all of them, and they will get rid of him to save themselves.

    *Eventually, there will be a mutiny. But when there are less people, so a unnanimous vote is more likely.
  • its good to keep the crew happy

    Survivor with a twist. Good episode where the captain that keeps in contact with their crew keeps his job. Jon Don was doomed from the start of the treasure search. He had more people that wanted to see him fall then wanted the treasure. Alexis who was cut adrift (voted out) sabotaged the team when instead of helping push their boat, she went to the opposite shore.
    Then the new captain strengthened his hold with his crew by dividing the treasure equally among his team. As Lou said as long as he's good for me, I'll be good for him. Looks like a promising show
  • Don't know which captain is worse!

    Nobody likes that Joe Don as he thinks that he
    Is better than thou. As one person tries to lead a
    Muntiny against him as well as find a new captain.
    Well the person that is called "Fabio" is the new captain but he begins talking in a macho accent. Don't know which captain is worse. Again, the show is going to go downhill.
  • Checked out the end to see if Captain Don got the hook.

    Ok, they changed captains and chose "Fabio" to take over who immediately started talking in a strange accent. That was weird. But why didnt they eject the old captain completely? One of them gave some BS reason about being loyal to him - WTF? There will only be one winner and eventually he will have to be ejected anyway, why not get him out of the way now? You want to get rid of the strongest people first.

    Basically this show, like Survivor and similar shows, is about people scheming, plotting and stabbing each other in the back. They are all a bunch of phonies. If just one person would stand up and say "I intend on winning and removing the rest of you as fast as I can by any means possible. I will lie to your face, pretend to be your friend, then stab you in the back the first chance I get." I would faint dead away. If I knew any of these people in real life I would always be looking over my shoulder. I wouldnt trust them any farther than I could throw them.

    Shows like this would be marginally better if they used a point system and the whole red or black crew won or lost; then it would be more a competition without all the phoniness.I gave it a 3 only because Im in a good mood today.
  • Compared to last week, this episode was better.

    I have to say I did enjoy this episode more then I did last week. I was even able to get to know more of the pirates this time. Last week the focus was so much on the greedy, Captain Joe Don that the show did not have time to get around to a lot of the pirates. I was so glad when the red team won and dethroned the high and mighty captain. I do like the new captain, he is fair with his crew, but he made a bad move not giving the ex-captain the black spot and booting him off. Joe Don is trouble and is going to turn around and bite a few there in the rear. The captain should have at least when he had the chance get rid of Cheryl, but he did not do that. I do not agree with some of the decisions being made the last two episodes that I have watched.
  • it's getting better...but still needs alot of work

    Now that Joe Don isn't captain anymore the show seems a bit better. It was nice to actually see some of the other characters this episode. Laurel is kind of a background character...can't really see her making it much farther. Louie is the really the only reason i keep tuned...what a character, makes me smile every time no matter what he says. Not to sound sexist but none of the woman on the show really bring much to it, i really hardly notice them. Joe Don is a great villian, Louie is the fan favorite (for how few there are), Jim is the real strategist, and Azmyth just has awesome hair, name and i think personally like his fakish accent.

    Anyway...i unless the season picks up dramatically...i doubt there will be another
  • Yeah, finally a new captain.

    I actually thought this one had alot more character building in it. I got to see other crew members, know their names (not that I remember them now), and learn a little more about them. I was SO glad the red team won and they got to choose a new Captain. He already started off doing a good deed and splitting the booty. His accent made me laugh, it suits the role, plus he looks good with his hair as Captain. I think he choose well with his officers, eventhough Louie would be great too as a officer. My biggest dissappointment was with his final pick at the end. I understood he picked the weaker of the two, but with picking her to be set adrift, I think now he has lost a couple of his team on the ship and it's going to start something fierce. He should of gone with the other girl to make more people happy.
  • What is the sound coming from the TV, it is Pirate Master and it sucks.

    This show did not suck as bad as the first two, but the players are not real smart. They upset the apple cart and did not get rid of the old Captain. That fact will probably come back and bite them in the shorts, but who has ever watched reality TV before.
    If I remember in Survivor All Stars, Rob makes a deal to make Amber safe, but what happens, the guy that did the favor was the first one Rob and Amber went after. Gee, and this crew of mental midgets are doing the same thing.
    Please do us a favor, and lose the masters for the remaining episodes and give us reruns of anything else.