Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 10

Chickens with Their Heads Cut Off

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jul 31, 2007 on CBS

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  • Woman as captain?

    Woamn as captain? Doesnt matter. People who arent watching these episodes online arent missing much. Only 7 people even bothered to vote on this episode. No way this show is ever coming back. Especially since reruns of CSI: MIAMI are getting ratings twice as good as Pirate Master.

    They should have just had a mass ejection and got down to the final 2 and aired the finale. Like Quaker Bob said, if I could give this one a 0 I would. Watching the end of this one was bad enough. Why did TV.COM remove the Appalling rating? It is really useful for episodes like this one. The only reason I still follow this show is to find out who wins - all the minutia of how it happens just doesnt matter. As they said, its not how you play the game, its whether you win or lose. No one remembers the losers. Maybe the ship will sink.
  • It appears that CBS is smarter than I gave them credit for, the finally pulled the plug on this disaster. This was not good TV, it was Survivor regurgitated but far worse. I would leave a score of 0, but the lowest possible score you can l eave is 1.

    I had the CBS internet feed on for something to do the other day, yes bikini clad helped, but this show was beyond help after the first episode. Another Burnett failure, that goes with his Fox debacle and Apprentice which last year was so bad that it took a week for some people to do the first review. If no one watches or cares, it does not matter who had the brain spasm for the show. The last season of Survivor with the have and have nots was horrible, then to take it to Apprentice where you are trying to get a job was beyond the real world and just something to show what people will do for money.
  • seeing the cutthroat experience, bikini clad captain in the mud with no fighting,

    There seemed to be more backstabbing here than most any reality TV experience that I have seen. As Nessa said before being cast off, eat each other alive. I don't think it will be pretty from this point on unless the game changes soon. I still enjoyed seeing Christa as she dressed and digging in the mud. I scratch my head that the show was cancelled. Survivor steals the ratings and this show has similar traits to it. I am not sure if it was the schedule or simply the pirate atmosphere. You also see Pirates of the Caribbean making huge sales. I think Burnett was thinking brilliantly on this show. It just didn't catch on.
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