Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 4

Death by Coconuts

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jun 21, 2007 on CBS

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  • The "royal pardon" interjects a new twist into the game. Louie is the new captain, and another pirate is set adrift at Pirate's Court.

    First off, I think it kind of sucks that Cheryl was cut adrift at the end. I understand, she was kind of snobbish because she distanced herself from the crew and everything...but at the same time, she was probably the strongest female contestant there as far as brains and physical prowess go. I think the pirates made a mistake. Louie is an OK captain, but I think overall, Sean would have been a better choice. Sean's actually starting to become my favorite character...I hope he goes far.

    The Royal Pardon definitely helped things. Granted, the initial premise was slightly confusing, but I think the new rules helped to break up the monotony...the episodes were starting to feel very repetitive.

    I don't really know why I watch Pirate Master. It's not a superb show or anything, but there's just something about it that's got me hooked. I'm eagerly awaiting episode five. =]
  • Some one else has said,can it get any better. I sure hope so.

    I like Louie, do not think he will be a good Captain, but he will be a lot fairer than Joe Don. If Louie's team wins again and Joe Don is on the losing team, maybe Louie will get his way. As for Azymuth, nice guy, and a good team player but I think his not sharing where the treasure was buried cost the team dearly. They could have excavated the whole area long before the other team got there.
    This show is not good, just better than reruns.
  • A new Captain..will it get better?

    So I have always liked Louie and still do, and I'm really glad he is having his chance as Captain. I do understand his fight with John Doe, but he should not make it so personal. I did find the votes in his favour though, just not enough. I hope Louie will be a Captain atleast for a while. He makes me laugh. Enjoyable in this show which is getting a bit better with every episode. I enjoy when they go onto the island in search of loot, and I loved the underdog red team winning. My vote would be for Joy. Whichever team she is on is always slowed down because of her, last time it was her knee, now it was the coconuts. I guess we will see next week.
  • another treasure, another captain

    Another good episode, Azmith just anointed captain after the last expedition forgets the lesson learned; depend on the team and succeed, go on your own and loose. As Captain azmith was leading with the black team he forgot the lesson, brining no help with him to discover where the x lay, he brought his team to the wrong location thus losing the advantage from the coconuts. Louie and his red team triumph and despite wanting to get rid of joe-don they loose Alicia. But louie gets some of the money he felt should have been given to each crew member and now joe don looses the money and the pardon. what twists this should rise above survivor.
  • The weaker team won and now there is even more division between the pirates.

    Okay, well tonight Captain Louie's anger was not to be quenched and it cost Joe Don part of his booty and Cheryl was cut adrift. I generally never watch this type of reality show because it is such a cutthroat style show and that is not what I am into. I think I figured it out a couple of episodes ago that I just do not get the whole angle here. Each week seems to be different then the strategy the week before, maybe that's it, no one knows what in the world they are doing, just trying to be the last pirate standing. That means I allowed myself to be suckered into a show I promised myself I would never watch. I at least hope the last one aboard deserves it. I do know that Azmeth was not a cutthroat captain, although he did make an unwise decision. But does that make a pirate deserving at the end. I have no clue. Maybe Joe Don? No I know, a woman.
  • Why do I watch this?

    Louis is a jack***. Seriously, he knows how to play the game, at least in theory. He wants revenge even more then he wants to win. He knows there's enough people where a mutiny would be really really freaking hard, nearly impossible. People like Azmyth, he was not a good Captain, but he was good to them as Captain. People probably wouldn't vote for Cheryl because it's not fair that she got a black spot. That leaves only Joe Don left. There's only three things that could throw a wrench in Louie's plan. A mutiny, which is not impossible, because he angered people. The pardon, which goes only half as expected. And what does happen, which is simply that people don't vote as they are expected to. Now Louie's totally destroyed his chances of winning later on.

    Louie wont win, neither will Joe Don or Jay. If a guy wins instead of a girl, I'm banking on Ben. But honestly, my money's on a girl.