Pirate Master

CBS (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Master of Pirates
      Master of Pirates
      Episode 14
      While one Pirate is left in the dust, two Pirates run neck-to-neck for the biggest treasure yet in the final episode of PIRATE MASTER.
    • Dirty Deeds... Not Done Dirt Cheap
      The Captain makes pawns of the Pirates still left aboard while a sole vote decides the final three.
    • Liar, Liar ... Pirate's on Fire
      Ben, Jay and Christa go after the big booty. As the Captain, Ben ensures himself a place in the the final two. Who will accompany Ben in the search of the treasure?
    • A Judas In Their Mist
      For the first time on this journey, the crew feels completely relaxed, so nobody wants Christa's reign as Captain to end. However, Jay wants to keep her in power for purely selfish reasons. When he's placed on the opposite crew for the Expedition, Jay sabotages his own Red Crew, ensuring a victory for the Black Crew and a continuation of Christa's reign. Meanwhile, Kendra starts eavesdropping on Jay and gathers information that she thinks could be helpful in keeping her on the ship. She still receives a Black Spot, along with Louie, who volunteered for it in an effort to make sure Kendra is cut adrift. Kendra defends herself for the sixth time at Pirates' Court, but her physical weaknesses and sneaky actions finally catch up to her. The vote is unanimous: Kendra's voyage is over. "I made it through five Pirates' Courts with the Black Spot," she says as she floats out to sea. "I tried really hard to make it through number six. To make it this far after being marked on week number two, I think is a really great accomplishment. I gave it a good fight."moreless
    • A Judas in their Midst
      As Jay continues manipulating his Captain, Christa, and his fellow pirate Ben, Louie keeps working hard on the ship. Everything seems to be OK until Jay tells Ben to do something he might regret in the future.
    • Chickens with Their Heads Cut Off
      In the aftermath of one pirate's dismissal, a new powerful alliance emerges.
    • 24 Hour Party Pirates
      The ship's command is rocked to its foundation when an unexpected twist shocks them all! When the captain's bounty is recovered, a change in the Pirate's Code is unleashed on the winning crew. Eat, drink and be merry...for there is no tomorrow for one of these pirates.
    • Spirits in the Material World
      Pirates who have been cut adrift return to the Picton Castle ship and are given the opportunity to compete for the treasure that's already been discovered in an attempt to exact revenge on the remaining crew. Will mutiny spell the end for Azmyth?
    • A Deal With the Devil
      With the balance of power aboard ship tilting in their favor, the officers devise a cruel plan to tire out the crew just before they leave for the next expedition. Trade winds blow romance across the deck as two crew mates take their relationship to another level. Can an elusive treasure be recovered from behind a trap door?moreless
    • Lambs to the Slaughter
      Jay continues to manipulate the pirates as a secret society forms within the crew in an attempt to steer the remaining voyage.
    • Loose Lips Sink Ships
      Nessa believes everyone is aiming to eliminate her so she tries to buy the royal pardon.
    • Death by Coconuts
      The pirates are in for a surprise when they find their next treasure, there is a strange twist in the game. After pirate's court, another crew member is cut adrift.
    • Bribes, Lies, and Vengeful Eyes
      Louie tries to gain enough support to mutiny against Captain Joe Don. The pirates go on a hunt for 35,000 dollars in gold. Jay shares his cut of the money with another pirate. Yet another crew member is cut adrift.
    • Pirates, Guns and Money
      Captain Joe Don forms an alliance with Jay and Jay tells him what's going on among the crew. One pirate gets injured and another crew member is cut adrift.
    • I Want That Treasure
      The 16 adventurers row out to board a massive sailing ship and then prepare for their first competition. They are split into two teams, Red & Black. At the end of the challenge a captain of the ship is chosen. One pirate will be eliminated.
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