Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 1

I Want That Treasure

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM May 31, 2007 on CBS

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  • I watched this episode for the second time last night. I taped it for posterity. I did not think much of it the first time, but in a second viewing it would have made better TV than all the reruns we had to watch.

    This show was poorly thought out, stupid premise and with even stupider rules. Remember the guy who brought you this also had the brain spasm of The Apprentice that was so bad last year that 4 days after an episode no one had bothered to write a review of an episode. He took that have and have not concept and brought it here.
    Hey, if it didn't work in Apprentice what makes you think it is going to work here. This was a cross of The Amazing Race meets Survivor and it wasn't even a copy worthy of a middle school writer.
    The hot chicks and in skimpy outfits are the only saving grace. This show deserved to be stopped, and it should have started here.
  • An adventurous start to a show that has little potential to be the next big reality franchise.

    Capitalizing on the recent pop culture success of pirate adventures, such as Disney's "of the Caribbean" series, comes this sea sailing reality show broadcast.

    What is it about this particular show that classifies itself as being unique in a long line up of Mark Burnett TV projects? Not a simple question to answer. Each of Burnett's shows has something unique to offer however are they becoming too formulaic?
    Classic shows like Survivor and Big Brother, which started the ball rolling, have stood the test of time, but with this addition can we expect the success to continue? This show simply titled Pirate Master, attempts to place 16 individuals on a pirate ship and set them sailing to distant islands in search of treasure, while also competing and partnering with each other for wealth and personal glory. The first of what is to be many more episodes briefly introduces us to pirate aspiring characters. The cast is a mix of male and female young and middle aged adults ranging in all attributes such as: nationality, career, personality etc. although all of them have one thing in common. They have been trained to sail a vessel. Which is exactly what they will be expected to do and do well, lest they be "set a drift" never to be heard from again...supposedly. The format of the show begins to play out in familiar manner, much like other reality shows based on an oceanic environment.

    Considering the theme of the show, you have to wonder just how much is being staged and manipulated to have us believe this is a true pirate experience. I was somewhat taken back by the inadequate treasure hunt. It felt more like a race down a river than the actual search and decipher I was expecting. Although a race is more thrilling moment to moment once it’s over your left feeling dissatisfied by its simplicity. I would have deeply liked to have seen a more challenging and lengthy treasure expedition. I am desperately hoping this part of the show will improve soon. I felt like although this show had partial entertainment value, it was lacking in a lot of categories. More detail should have gone into the competition and formatting. Is this show just another attempt at capitalizing on the popularity of stable shows such as Survivor, or is it enough of a departure to thrill its audience with new excitement and a creative drama? Only time can truly tell, but from my perspective things could have started off a little rocky. A suggestion, why not have the outcasted pirate walk the plank? Yo Ho!
  • CBS tried to cancel Jericho and replace it with Survivor Part Deux?

    So this is the show what is supposed to salvage the long in the tooth Survivor? CBS dropped the ball on this one.

    7 million viewers for the premiere? Abysmal for the successor to Survivor. Generally the premiere gets the highest viewership for the Pilot as people want to check out a new series, then viewership declines of the course of Season 1. Doesnt bode well for Pirate Master.

    Yet more people ready to stab each other in the back to win a game. CBS apparently figured since Pirates of the Carribean 3 would be out during the premiere of this series it would be a sure fire hit. WRONG! CBS is getting horrible reviews from affiliates during the recent meeting in Las Vegas for "Kid Nation" and especially "Swingtown". The implosion of CBS has begun.
  • Good choice of Captain.

    I love the idea of pirates, the ship, everything, I just hate to see people stab each other in the back, for one because that seems what reality shows do now, and 2 because they are pirates (isn't there some pirate code of honour atleast?). The one thing I liked is that the Captain is a very good choice, hopefully they won't be greedy and cause Mutiny soon, even though next week looks like the Captain turns a little greedy. I will give it a couple more episodes to see if I like it, I enjoyed the challenge, they are somewhat interesting, and I understand everyone is out for money, but too much greed doesn't make a good show for me.
  • Really a Survivor ripoff!

    First of all, what in the world does CBS been
    Thinking that they can replace Jericho with this junk as
    Really it is a Survivor ripoff despite it being from the
    Same producer Mark Burnett. They need to get really good and
    Distance themselves from being a Survivor ripoff. None of the people that I liked on there as well as wasn't surprised when John got voted out for stealing the compasses.
  • Great start

    I was kinda wondering about this show. Its unique in style & gameplay. I liked it, but I'm going to judge more on the show as it progresses.

    I liked the idea behind what the contestants have to do. I liked the whole looking for buried treasure & having to run the ship. The whole "I'm the Captain. I'm in charge. You have to do what I tell you to do" was not my favorite thing. Not many people like being told what to do. I'm really surprised they didn't mutiny & get rid of the captain. But wasn't surprised at all who they ended up getting rid of. He creeped me out, but kinda liked him as he was the one who helped the most.

    Intriguing show. Can't wait until next week.