Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 6

Lambs to the Slaughter

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jul 05, 2007 on CBS

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  • Azmyth keeps his captaincy when the Black Crew wins another expedition. Joe Don and Nessa have some romance blooming, and at Pirate's Court, another member is cut adrift.

    Besides the fact that this episode was almost identical to most of the other episodes of Pirate Master, it was somewhat enjoyable. I actually rather enjoy the triad of Azmyth, Jay, and Ben. It provides some interesting situations during expeditions, when most of the manpower is on one side. Also, the romance that is blossoming between Joe Don and Nessa is providing some character development, something that I feel Pirate Master is lacking. I was also glad, finally, to see one of the weaker crew members cut adrift. Joy was way too whiny from the start, and it's good to know she won't be slowing anybody else down.

    One thing I've been wondering about is how the game is going to work in a few more episodes when there aren't enough pirates left to vote...I think that's gonna be interesting to see what kind of new twists are interjected. Maybe that will break up some of the monotony. Hopefully, since it's now moved to Tuesday, it will have better ratings as well. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  • romance blooming, narrowing down the strong players, teams becoming more cohesive

    I enjoyed this episode, because the romance is starting. I loved this in other shows as well. This wasn't as surprising as other shows match-ups. Azimuth gave me a rise when he upped his take on the treasure. I also figured this game would get lopsided, but so far it is fairly well set. I wasn't impressed with the booty being the same as last time. I would think the amount would be higher or fluctuate more. I hope that the results of everyone's winnings are tabulated and presented somewhere by season's end. Money is being thrown around quite a bit.
  • I'm still liking it, maybe we will get to see them stab each other in the back.

    I've come to a conclusion about the Pirate Master's crew. At first I wanted them to be nice pirates, entertaining, but not manipulative. But now I've given that up since the show is heading not in that direction at all. Now I want Red Team against Black Team. I didn't like J.D. but now, teamed with Louie, seeing that they hated each other, is great against the upper crust boys. I want to see the underdogs win, to see if J.D. would be Captain again. Go Louie or aka Red Team. Since now I would like to see them play dirty, it may get more interesting.
  • Baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa - Ker CHOP!

    I cant believe I actually watched most of this episode - it was just like the parts of the rest I did see. They do a task and one pirate gets cut loose. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Its basically the same show each week. No wonder ratings are falling and people are drifting away from it. Even Big Brother as a lead in didnt help. The move to Tuesday probably wont either.

    Why did they talk about mutiny then no one voted for it? The collective IQs of this bunch is less than that of a head of lettuce. Then again would this have really changed anything? And what is this talk of a "secret society"? Nonsense. All of these people are trying to screw each other over to win. Keeping track of JERICHO promos and watching the commercials was more interesting than the show itself. Basically you just need to watch the final 5 minutes of each episode.

    Why dont they just have a mass ejection and speed it up to the final 2? Then give each one a cutlass and a pistol and let em go at it like real pirates? Argh Matey!!!!!!
  • This show should is as boring as Survivor when one tribe outnumbers another. The only chance to shake up the status quo is with a mutiny and they are too stupid to see that.

    This was the perfect week to do a mutiny, but the combined IQ could not figure that out. This show is not as good as the last years Apprentice which was not renewed, gee I wonder why.
    Let's see a mutiny and at least something different. The poster child for reality shows has had Apprentice not renewed and the show on Fox suffered a similar fate, I am pretty sure this one will be the trifecta.
    As I have read elsewhere Survivor is stale, the changes the made to that show last year were for the most part stupid, and then he brought them to the Apprentice. I think we will be watching a movie of the week next year.
  • Azmyth and his officers, Jay and Ben, were brought back into power after their team (black) won the challenge. A few of the crew members spoke of mutiny. Another crew member was sent adrift.

    I am extremely angry with the crew on tonight's Pirate Master. Tonight was the perfect night to mutiny against Azmyth, like they were constantly talking about, but no one stepping up and voted for it.

    What a bunch of losers; they are all just talk.

    I do like Azmyth's strategy though; he's just picking off the guys. I wonder when he'll go after his own officers. I wouldn't mind seeing him trade out Ben for Joe Don, just to spice things up again.

    This episode was painful to watch because it was just bad. The whole drama with the crew mentioning wanting to take Azmyth out of power was just really shot down when it was revealed that no votes for mutiny were casted. Especially because Nessa and Laurel were really pushing for an all female team to run the ship.
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