Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 12

Liar, Liar ... Pirate's on Fire

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Aug 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • crying Christa, Laurel actually leaving a rope to (Louie) keep her in instead of hang herself with, Ben getting so close yet only staying friends?! not a soap opera here

    I realized from this episode how much I am entertained with Christa. Obviously her looks are pleasant, but what I really got off on was her expressions and mannerisms. The woman is very conservative which can make for serious conflict in her decision process as we see with Jay. As I have watched Jay, especially last episode, he comes across as very cold, calculating, manipulative and competitive. He let Ben stay (and has children) which shows Jay does have some humanity. I didn't have Laurel on my radar most of the season. She played a safe game. Christa's frustration with Ben and Jay was a focus point in this episode.
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