Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 5

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jun 28, 2007 on CBS

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  • The pirates go on another expedition, and Azmyth returns to power as captain. Tensions continue to build within the crew. Louie drops his everlasting grudge against Joe Don.

    Gah. I swear, I'm just not gonna pick a favorite character, because he's probably gonna get voted off on the next episode. I'm of course referring to Sean, who got cut adrift in this episode. Kind of sucks, but oh well.

    I think I'm gonna do a reality-show type thing, and list all the remaining characters, along with my opinion of them.

    Jupiter - There hasn't been a whole lot of development with her, so I'm sort of indifferent. She's a strong competitor, and that's a good thing.

    Joe Don - I despised him when he was captain, but now that he's a crew member, he's not that bad. He's a strong competitor, he's always on the frontlines in each of the expeditions. He seems to try to be as fair as possible to the rest of the crew as well.

    Louie - Louie is by far the strangest character on the ship. He reminds me of like a midget mountain man, and it's weird. I think he's entirely too enthusiastic about the game, sometimes forgetting that it's a game...but he's a good guy, and he stands for justice and all that. So he's pretty cool.

    Jay - Jay is the typical selfish reality show contestant, which is not a good thing at this point in the game. He's basically going to double-cross whoever he can and get as much money as he can. He has no interest or care for anyone whatsoever, he's strictly in it for himself. I wouldn't mind a bit to see him go.

    Christa - I hate this stupid, overdramatic beyotch. She doesn't do anything, she's a weak competitor, and she's really ditzy. I hope she gets cut adrift as soon as possible.

    Joy - She's one of the weakest competitors as far as expeditions go. And for the other stuff, there's not been a whole lot of development, so I can't say either way. I wouldn't be sad to see her go simply because it would help everyone else get more treasure faster.

    Ben - He may be my new favorite character. He's nice, fair, and he seems to be understanding with everyone. He's laid back, and he always goes with the flow...he understands that sometimes it's better that way. He's also a strong competitor.

    Laurel - Probably my favorite female character. She's sort of a weak competitor, but I think she's gotten better as the competition has progressed. She's smart, and understands that it's better to be neutral in all the disputes.

    Azmyth - Also one of my favorites, Azmyth is funny, easygoing, and a fair and just captain. He does some silly things, and I have to say that the explanation he gave in this episode at Pirate's Court regarding sides didn't make any sense whatsoever...but he's still awesome. I'd like to see him stick around.

    Nessa - A ho-bag, straight up. Her flirtatious behavior is how she expects to get everywhere. She's a strong female competitor, and she should rely on that, but instead she just tries to use her good looks to get all the men to not vote her off. Manipulative swine.

    Kendra - By far the weakest female contestant, a liability to whatever crew she gets on. Should be voted off fairly soon. But Christa goes first.

    That's the way I see it at this stage in the game. Pirate Master is still kind of a guilty pleasure, but I hope it finishes at least one season.
  • Louie lives to fight another day.

    I just think this could have been done better, this is Survivor with weekly payments. Since there is nothing else on TV, I will put it on but would rather watch something good. I had no problem with who went home last week, and the fact they are on a ship, keeping secrets is a lot harder. There are some people there that are just filler, the will never be captain, and just hoping they are on the winning team to get a small piece of change.
  • One of reality tv's biggest bloopers. Shaven vs. unshaven

    Yes, the boy society was rockin in this episode. BUT, did you notice when Sean was cut loose he had about 10 days of facial hair growth? Cut to.....him on the raft and he was all shaven. Bad boy Burnett....should've caught it!

    The show was getting a bit on the intellectual side for once. They had to outsmart one another to get rid of Nessa or as my son says "the ho". The boys (Captain) with the dual accent and his team, decided on Sean. Well, was that Sean with facial hair, or Sean after the show was retaped with him on the raft? Hmmm? What happened here?
  • Captain Azmyth is given another chance.

    Azmyth is back in his captain gear again and it looks like we have the three amigos in charge. Azmyth seems to no longer be flashings a captain accent this time around and he also seems to be handling finances a little bit different. I think maybe he was not as sharing due to the fact that everyone has been being treated pretty fairly since Captain Jon Don was no longer in charge and was not fair with money, food, labor or just about anything. I pretty well knew that Sean would go this time since Jay had it out for him. Then Jay became one of the three amigos and the thought was confirmed in my mind. Right now everyone is on sides but that will all change. Everyone seems to be acting like pirates. But at the end it will be every man or woman for themselves. I am glad captain Louie did not go overboard and he also finally got over his grudge with Jon Don.
  • I'm just glad Louie is still around...

    So, as I watched this episode, and as I am starting to realize who is who, and who I am liking or disliking, I found everyone on this episode is teaming with everyone. I really don't know who is with whom, and who has made an alliance with anyone else. Just when I think a couple of mates are in alliance, last night showed they weren't and are in an alliance with someone else. I'm just finding it is changing every episode, I'm not sure if that's how it is, or bad editing. But I'm more confused, and am now watching just out of interest now.