Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 2

Pirates, Guns and Money

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jun 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Everybody should stop whining.

    OK, so last week I thought they made a good choice in Captain. I'm not sure now, I mean he's not that bad, just greedy. I like (don't know names yet), the blond dread-lock guy, he seems like he would be an interesing Captain. Anyway, I find everyone is whining over money and who's Captain, I don't think anybody would be happy with anyone who is Captain. I would like to see Joe Don (current Captain if that's his name), yeah, I would like to see him work more and stop being lazy, it's going to bite you in the butt someday, if not soon. I still like Louie, just it's sad because nobody is happy at all. This show better pick up, it's an interesting show, just full of a bunch of whiners. Hey I would be happy with a couple hundred bucks in my pocket.
  • The swirly gets worse.

    This is almost the worst show on TV. This show should be translated and shown to terrorists for hours on end, they would give us the intelligence just to make it stop.
    Please CBS, do not insult us by airing this show again. It is a waste of air time, and I think you should take you loss and write the rest of the episodes as a total loss and put it out on DVD for $9.99 or less.
  • Ok, Not a series finale, but should be...

    Well, since I lifted my CBS Boycott I said Id watch 1 episode of this. Its dull. Just alot of people talking alot and whining about gruel, cleaning the "head" and how the captain is eating bacon and eggs. They complain about the captain yet vote the other guy off the ship. Talk, talk, talk...... zzzzzzzzzz I kept hoping the Smoke Monster would start grabbing these people and doing a "Mr. Eko" on them. Jerry Seinfeld should show up and make them all wear puffy shirts at which point Jerry says "I dont wanna be a Pirate..." Too bad they dont get another Pirate ship, arm both with real cannons and let em slug it out in a live fire excercise. Then the LOST submarine could put a couple of fish (torpedoes) into the winning ship at which point Mikhail Bakunin (Patchy) from LOST surfaces, pops the harch and says "Arggggggggg Matey!!! Im the only real Pirate here...." Then John Locke comes out of the foreward hatch with a goofy smile and says "Outstanding...that ship blew up real good! Got anything else we can blow up or sink??" Then the Dharma shark arrives and starts snacking on the survivors. Call it LOST Pirate Disaster. Pirate Master the successor to Survivor? Abandon this sinking ship now. I guess they will burn off the remaining episodes over the summer and then its lights out. At least when Survivor started out it was good, this will just go from bad to worse. Wheres that darn Smoke Monster?
  • Will this show start improving? I have no clue.

    This was the first episode that I've watched and I was not impressed. The advertisement of it made the show seem somewhat interesting. Once I really started paying attention as I was watching, I realized the show made no sense to me because the contestants were not making sense to me. All of them complained about this horrible, greedy, arrogant captain who had been put in charge over all of them, who did not feed them fairly, who did not share the gold fairly and did not even do his part of the work; but not one of them, and I do mean not one of them voted him off at the end when they had a chance too. So the only thing I figured out is that I do not understand this show at all or they are all just plain stupid.
  • Needs to be taken off

    Don't know why they are trying to promote this as the next big hit in the show. But really it is very boring. No personalties, no great challenges. Just plain ole boring stuff. Really it doesn't make any sense. The captain is acting so arrogant and full of himself. As the others want to get rid of him or better yet, make him walk the plank. Still trying to give this show a chance but the chances are almost out.
  • The parts that are good about this show, are the parts that are taken directly from Survivor. The rest of it is overall very weak and unappealing, along with all of the characters left on it.

    The second episode is extremely familiar if you saw the first as it is more of the same. Basically, they spend most of the time trying to show how much you should hate the captain, because of money and food, and then build up the suspense, when nothing will happen because of it. The actual missions to get the money are like bad Survivor challenges. So why did I give it a mediocre, but livable score. Because all in all, it was entertaining in how they vote people off, despite the fact I wasn't please who was picked. Its cheasy, predictable, but it does just enough to keep you watching, especially in the weak summer television schedule.