Pirate Master

CBS (ended 2007)


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  • I'm really not much of a fan of this, but I have some hope...

    I came across this solely because of Survivor, the commercials for it I saw for it during the show, and because this show somehow *miraculously* got placed in the same time slot on the same day that Survivor was on. Coincidence? Certainly not. If CBS has any hope that this is going to become the next Survivor, I'm sorry, they are mistaken. Pirates has only 3 episodes out so far and already I'm rather bored with the plot. It's the same thing every episode. No one likes authority, and no one likes how the money goes around. At least in Survivor, they had no defied system of leader-underlings. The people were left to their own devices as far as command went. I understand they have to make the show focused somewhat towards how pirates actually governed on their ships, but can't there be a better solution? Can't they elect a leader another way? Then there are the challenges. I find them a little too repetitive at the moment. The same thing, over and over again. Can they spare some originality? I like the idea of a sabotage point and I think it had good intentions, but it's quite anti-climactic unless they lengthen the duration of the challenges. I have a feeling that much, much, more often then not, the group that reaches the point first will win. For those who don’t watch the show, Survivor has 2 challenges; one for a reward, and one for immunity (makes you immune to the vote). This makes for much action and suspense. I know they can’t follow this exact format, but just one short challenge isn’t enough for me... maybe three somehow? So far, this show has not had all of a good start. CBS has to start making this show a little different before the seasons over. If it keeps going the same way it’s going now, it’s most likely going to get canceled. It *can* be as good as Survivor, but right now it certainly is not.