Pirate Master

CBS (ended 2007)


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  • I'm editing my review to upgrade it - was better than I thought!

    Admittedly, I originally only started watching this because Survivor was over and Big Brother hadn't begun yet…sort of filler for my reality TV addiction…but it didn't take long for me to add this one to my regular viewing list. Those people who are trying to review this as being 'another survivor' or 'unoriginal' are too busy trying to build bridges of similarity to see the unique aspects of this show. Like those shows in its genre (Survivor, Big Brother) Pirate Captain has a bunch of players trying to lie, compete, connive and contrive their way to being the last pirate/person standing at the end of the season…but I find the contests (puzzles with sabotages), the fact that they have to have a working ship with a dwindling crew to run it, get hands-on-gold rewards for success all worthy of watching. The voting-off mechanism is unique, the players are interesting people, and I find myself rooting for different players as the season continues. I also believe that the first season can be the roughest as you iron out the "kinks" in the game. Big Brother and Survivor both went through growing pains and who can expect this show to be any different. I am currently giving the show an 8.0, but I can see that number going up pretty easily as the creators adjust.

    EDIT: Had to watch the finale on CBS.com, and it was worth it! They had twist and turns, plot changes, drama. In alot of way this show was better than Survivor, and I love that show! The competition at the end was so excruciating I was wincing for the contestants...very well done. Too bad it didn't get better reviews, cuz I'd watch the next season for certain.