Pirate Master

Season 1 Episode 8

Spirits in the Material World

Aired Tuesday 2:00 AM Jul 17, 2007 on CBS

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  • Reality show mayhem. "Ghost" pirates (a.k.a. all the pirates that have been cut adrift so far) were brought back to challenge the Captain on the next expedition. Another crew member is cut adrift at Pirate's Court.

    I ask myself time and again why I watch this show. I think it's sort of like a drug. I know it's stupid in a lot of ways, but it's also very addicting.

    Ways that it is stupid? Hmmm. Let's see.

    The crew. That's the number one stupid thing. Azmyth is in power...and he has good officers. He's been winning expeditions, and the crew blames him for it. All these stupid idiots like Laurel and Jupiter talking about how "the game isn't fun." HELLO?! This is a frickin' reality show! It isn't supposed to be fun, you have a million dollars at stake! Azmyth is trying to win, that's the frickin' point of the game! Azmyth is captain, he's being a fair captain, but at the same time, he's thinking "Hmmm. A million dollars. That's the point of this show. I think I'd like to win." D'oh!

    The whole mutiny concept is kind of stupid...I understand that the mutiny should have to be unanimous in order to vote...but there is a possibility that the crew is smarter than it looks. Jupiter was the only one not in favor of a mutiny...so they voted her off, so that the vote could be unanimous. I'm not sure how Pirate's Court is going to go next time, though. Because there are only two pirates left who won't be black spotted. I'm predicting that either there will be less black spots, the voting will be done in a different way, or perhaps the officers will be taken out of the equation or something.

    I also think that each pirate should have a little interview segment before the voting...because I'm smart enough to understand that most of them change their mind, decide not to mutiny, or vote for someone else because of what is said at Pirate's Court when all the pirates speak their mind, but it's impossible to understand which way they're leaning, and that causes a lot of confusion.

    Either way, I hate most of the members of the crew. Kendra is the only girl I like...Laurel is really starting to get on my nerves, because she's a beyotch to Azmyth for trying to win. Nessa's a whore, and all the stuff that she says makes absolutely no sense. Kendra may be slow, but she's not a beyotch. Louie is awesome, good-natured, and understands most of the show. Jay is OK, although he's a bit too selfish about everything...but once again, he's trying to win. Ben is cool, nice, probably my favorite character. And I've always been a fan of Azmyth.

    I hope this show gets a few more twists and turns...I think it could help people not be so "Omg lyke dis show sux." Either that, or the crew could get a brain.

    Oh well, I'll still be watching. *shrug*
  • attempt of cast-offs to regain power, potential mutiny, the cook gets the boot

    It was an eye-opener to see the cast-offs (ghosts) reappearing for an expedition. No threat was to be made after the incident occured with the key. That was definitely a head shaker. I was shocked when the cook, Jupiter, was cast-off after her "threat" of mutiny. I presumed Laurel was a goner, after taking a seat, I was confident there would be a mutiny! The treasure was $50k, higher than any other. Man, as the crew dwindles, the reward will go higher and certainly the treasure amount as well. I really want to see some postings of the rewards at the end of the season!
  • This episode just made my stomach curl and nearly hurl.

    So what started out as an episode that could of turned out to be a huge twist in this show, fell flat on it's face. The 'ghosts' coming back could of caused so much crap in the crew and changed everything to be more exciting. I just wanted to reach through the TV and choke John for dropping that key. The one thing you need in this game and you carelessly drop it. They could of won, way ahead of the bumbling black team, but alas, something I was looking forward to all week didn't happen, they should of just not brought them on the show for all the excitment they didn't bring. The only thing I did enjoy was to see Jupiter gone, not that I didn't like her, but she was stupid to beleive that the Trinity cared about her, I did enjoy the look of shock on her face and Azmyth's too.
  • I looked, I yawned and marveled that sponsors were actually paying to hawk their wares on this waste of air time.

    I read the previous review and it was on the mark. No new ideas on the show or nothing that can save this from one of the worst shows in prime time of all time. I do take exception with people who disagree with his and my review. If you really think this show is good, do a review and show me there error of my ways. But no, you will disagree because you are either a family member of the brain dead cast, a sponsor who needs this show to do well, works for the show developer or CBS.
    This show is not good TV, will never be good TV. No matter what, this show is just bad.
    The crew says mutiny and does not do anything about it, sounds like the hunt for Bin Laden.
  • Stupid stupid stupid - let me count the ways.

    I watched more of this one than I should have - just to see how stupid these so called Pirates are.

    First - The Ghosts of Pirates Past is a rip off of Pirate of the Carribean - except these ghosts were lamer - they lost the key - and what was left of their brains.

    Second - The mutiny where everyone said "Yes, lets mutiny!" except that no one did - again.

    Third - lastly the problem with this is they sit around flapping their gums for half the show - even the tasks are dull. Find a key open up container of gold. yawwn.

    Once the Ghosts lost the key and what was left of their minds, all hope for this show was lost. Now where is Patchy from LOST - hes the real Pirate! Argh Matey!!! I wish the Smoke Monster would start snatching these losers off the ship so this madness will end sooner. They are all annoying.
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