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AIRED ON 3/30/2013

Season 6 : Episode 12

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This show follows Shorty Rossi, a little person who runs a rescue group that trains and rehabilitates dogs that people have abandoned.
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  • Have enjoyed watching rescue in LA and the 3 guys of Shortywood but......

    I've joined the ranks of the thousands of people that absolutely cannot STAND Ashley!!! Shorty's got a LOT on his plate and deals with medical disabilities daily. Absolutely LOVE Sebastian--what a great guy with a big heart!! Ronald, although he gets overwhelmed always comes through. But Ashley???? Simple, self absorbed, conceited, selfish, non-talented bitch. What's she doing at Shortywood??? Why did Shorty take her back after she sold him out to Sid Levine (oh, to promote herself btw)?? She's like the Kardashians--thinks she's talented, desirable, conceited--that the earth wouldn't revolve without her. lmao. Why in the world does Animal Planet devote so much time to her insanely boring whiny, bitchy monologues? I wish the best for Shorty and the boys in their endeavors but until Ashley gets axed, I don't have to watch either. We have enough of our own disasters and chaos in rescue in the northeast without having to watch her antics.moreless
  • Shorty is a

    He treats all of his staff like they are peons and he's the king. I love what he's doing, but he needs to treat his people with a LOT MORE respect!
  • When is the new season starting?

    Does anyone know if Pit Boss is coming back on the air and when? I can't find this info anywhere online. Thanks!
  • May

    Hello Mr. Pit Boss & Crew, I just want to thank you all O So much for being the one to step up for "Pit Bulls! I also like to say if at any time you need a home for at least two pit bulls for sure; I'm the one. I love pit bulls I have had many, even help birth four different times. I can't afford to buy a pit bull, but feeding, loving, caring all the things I need to have my baby happy; I can do. If me just being on your show to show my love & help speak up about; How Wonderful Pit Bulls Are! I can do that too, Love you, your crew & your dogs! Always keep up the good work, and just remember it's 50/50 so you will have Haters! Just have to get more Lovers! PS Love U Ash!!moreless

    I Love the show But you have a small problem, Ashley. we cannot stand to watch her anymore,everything has gone to her head. Shorty needs to watch the shows while he was on his book tour and how Horrible she treated Seb & Ronald. This season her head is going to explode. We counted how many times she said I and Me and we got tired after we hit 100 times. Seb and Ronald know that they are a team and behave that way, Ashley only cares about what she has done and wants ALL the glory. The best was not only when she thought she deserved to be in the owners box at the game but when she said, and I quote "I'm a manager, Shorty doesn't get in a suit, I don't get in a suit", blah,blah,blah. Let her new employer deal with her crap. Keep going guys, Shorty, Seb and Ronald you do great work.moreless

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