Pit Boss

Animal Planet (ended 2013)


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  • Season 6
    • 3/30/13
      Shorty is invited to Miami to help fight against Breed Specific Legislation but organizers want him to bring Ashley, Ronald and Sebastian. Ashley quits her new job but not before major damage is done to Shortywood.
    • Things Get Ugly
      Episode 11
      Shorty takes on Ashley's new boss in a face-to-face blow up that doesn't end well. Ashley is overcome with guilt once she realizes what is really happening back at Shortywood and Shorty's Rescue.
    • Shorty is Betrayed
      Episode 10

      Shorty and his crew have to pick up a sweet pit bull from a young woman about to be evicted from an apartment that doesn't allow pit bulls and rescue a pit bull puppy tied to a shopping cart, despite the amount of work they already have. Shorty is struggling, as kennels are filling up with dogs that need to be adopted. Ronald and Sebastian get involved in a music video and run into a problem, as Ashley has to consider hiring talent from Shortywood to keep talent coming in at the agency.

    • 3/9/13
    • Goodbye Ashley
      Episode 8

      With Ashley leaving soon and still no replacement for her, Ronald and Sebastian now have to take over as senior talent coordinator. Shorty and all three of his main staff go camping as they try to rescue a loose pit bull on a campground. With the kennels filling up, Shorty and his crew do an adoption event and a fundraiser.

    • 2/23/13

      Having given her two weeks' notice, Ashley proceeds with her last days in Shortywood and has to look for employees to replace her. Shorty and his crew have to rescue a dog locked up in a storage unit in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Shorty has yet to find a good replacement for Ashley and even wants her to stay with Shortywood. Ashley books a gig in which little people help serve sushi, which doesn't go quite as hoped.

    • 2/9/13

      Frustrated with the tension she has with Shorty, Ashley searches for other work, going to job interviews. Shorty hires Ronald and Sebastian for a drag-queen charity fundraiser event. To make things more challenging, the three have to rescue a pit bull running loose on a golf course, with the latter two still dressed in drag.

    • 2/2/13
      Shortywood and Shorty's Rescue Kennels are understaffed and when Sebastian goes to Florida to see his newborn nephew it gets worse. A gig at a minor league baseball game causes a blow up between Ashley and Shorty.
    • 1/26/13

      Shorty and his crew have to rescue a stray pit bull in a foreclosed home before animal control can get to it; he takes the risk of breaking a window in the process. His three main staff are feeling overwhelmed with the work involved in running the kennels, in addition to their work in the office. In an attempt to solve this issue, Ashley tries to do a Shortywood commercial, even moving far enough to go over the given budget. Shorty mentors a young little person, having him work in the kennels regularly. They even rescue an abandoned female pit bull puppy together.

    • Racetrack Rescue
      Episode 3

      Shorty has decide to open dog kennels for the rescued pit bulls, but the amount of extra work involved is frustrating Ashley. He, Ronald, and Sebastian attempt to rescue a loose pit bull in an ATV/motorcross park. When Ashley finally gets to work in the office again, she books a modeling gig in a figure drawing class for Ronald and Sebastian. Unfortunately for them, it involves being nude, much to their embarrassment.

    • 1/12/13
      Shorty decides the time has come to open his own kennels but his staff revolts and Ashley threatens to walk. A gig at Los Angeles nightclub almost ends badly when Mikey gets manhandled by one of the guests.
    • 1/5/13
      With Shorty is away on a book tour Ashley puts Ronald and Sebastian in their place and refuses to let them go on an alleged dog hoarding rescue. Meanwhile a photo shoot with a python goes very wrong.
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