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    Dear Pit boss,

    Iam writting to you frankly because I don't know were else to go. My sister and her friend rescued a half pit half black lab mix dog a while back that was loose on the street and starving. They did the right thing and put up signs to find the dogs rightful owners. Months went by with no calls untill one day when someone did call. A ladybegging them to keep the dog because she said her son had been severelyabusing her and she couldn't stand to see it happen anymore. So they did keep the dog and as it has gotten older she has developed pancreatic problems and has become more agressive due to the early abuse and the lack of training. They can no longer keep the dog and are strongly concidering putting her to sleep. I feel that this dog has never had a chance for a good life through no fault of her own and deservesone. I feel that she would thrive in an environment with a single male owner that was active and would be willing to work with her. She just needs to find someone willing and patient and she would be a great pet. Do you have any suggestions on what to do?


    Someone who really cares for animals

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