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Homeless cause won't give up our pit!!

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    Hi Shorty ,

    I am writting to you cause well frankly I don;t no what else to do, Me and my 15 year old son moved out here from Dallas Tx,and now we are on our way to homeless ..We got a hotel for the month but we can not find a place that is willing to accept us with our pitt , But getting rid of her is not a option ,I got her for my son right after his daddy died , they got a bond that can't be broken and well I just dont wanna get rid of her. But is it possible you could help us to find a place since Sebastin found his place, then maybe you could help me to get her to inneract with other dogs,then we could also help you by fostering some dogs.People just don't give pitts the credit the freakin deserve, You never hear on the news the good things they do, just the bad! Well really you could turn a collie into a killer its al in the way there brought up. Take harley for example she is 6 years old and never played with other dogs, We lived on 6 acres she run free, now we have her in a hotel room with a yapping chiauiawa and he is always tugging on her and playing , she is content with him. But other dogs not so much. SHORTY can you help us before we are living back out of my car!310-374-2666 we are at the quailty inn in Hermosa Beach Ca, and my name is Christine johnson Thank you for all your time



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