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  • Have enjoyed watching rescue in LA and the 3 guys of Shortywood but......

    I've joined the ranks of the thousands of people that absolutely cannot STAND Ashley!!! Shorty's got a LOT on his plate and deals with medical disabilities daily. Absolutely LOVE Sebastian--what a great guy with a big heart!! Ronald, although he gets overwhelmed always comes through. But Ashley???? Simple, self absorbed, conceited, selfish, non-talented bitch. What's she doing at Shortywood??? Why did Shorty take her back after she sold him out to Sid Levine (oh, to promote herself btw)?? She's like the Kardashians--thinks she's talented, desirable, conceited--that the earth wouldn't revolve without her. lmao. Why in the world does Animal Planet devote so much time to her insanely boring whiny, bitchy monologues? I wish the best for Shorty and the boys in their endeavors but until Ashley gets axed, I don't have to watch either. We have enough of our own disasters and chaos in rescue in the northeast without having to watch her antics.
  • Shorty is a

    He treats all of his staff like they are peons and he's the king. I love what he's doing, but he needs to treat his people with a LOT MORE respect!
  • When is the new season starting?

    Does anyone know if Pit Boss is coming back on the air and when? I can't find this info anywhere online. Thanks!
  • May

    Hello Mr. Pit Boss & Crew, I just want to thank you all O So much for being the one to step up for "Pit Bulls! I also like to say if at any time you need a home for at least two pit bulls for sure; I'm the one. I love pit bulls I have had many, even help birth four different times. I can't afford to buy a pit bull, but feeding, loving, caring all the things I need to have my baby happy; I can do. If me just being on your show to show my love & help speak up about; How Wonderful Pit Bulls Are! I can do that too, Love you, your crew & your dogs! Always keep up the good work, and just remember it's 50/50 so you will have Haters! Just have to get more Lovers! PS Love U Ash!!

    I Love the show But you have a small problem, Ashley. we cannot stand to watch her anymore,everything has gone to her head. Shorty needs to watch the shows while he was on his book tour and how Horrible she treated Seb & Ronald. This season her head is going to explode. We counted how many times she said I and Me and we got tired after we hit 100 times. Seb and Ronald know that they are a team and behave that way, Ashley only cares about what she has done and wants ALL the glory. The best was not only when she thought she deserved to be in the owners box at the game but when she said, and I quote "I'm a manager, Shorty doesn't get in a suit, I don't get in a suit", blah,blah,blah. Let her new employer deal with her crap. Keep going guys, Shorty, Seb and Ronald you do great work.
  • Get Rid of Ashley please!

    I used to like this show, but since Ashley has grown a new head this show is more about her unhappiness then rescue of the Pits. I could care less about Ashley's happiness wearing her suits and showing off to perspective shortywood clients as she has forgotten the main point of the show is rescue and without that she would not be working on the show to begin with, I don't think I will continue watching if Ashley remains employed ... SHORTY GET SOME BALLS AND FIRE HER ALREADY WILL YOU! I am certain you can find someone of short stature to fill the spot. I am an animal lover and love what you do Shorty. thank you. ... Sherri
  • pit bulls rock

    pit bulls rock u r my hero i wish i could see u and your dogs u show me that pit bull r not agresive and that they r nice dogs and i want to save pit bull just like u one day and i would lke to show people that pit bulls r not mean and that they r not agrsive and that people who on them try to make them agrsive when there not and then when people hear about it they think that its true even when they were not bit by that dog but another dog or some of them havin`t been bitin by a pit bull at all u show me that i can love the breed and count on them for when i need them and u shom me that i should count on my dreams and listen to my self and to not let other people tell me not to like pit bulls because they are agrsive when pit bulls are not even agrsive it is just the people who think that they are because people want to make then agrsive and i will never give up on u your going to be im hero and i hope that u see tis because i want u to and every time that i think of my pit bull getting hurt i would get emotinal to and if i couldn`t find my dog i would of ot gave up to find my dogs either and thats why u are my hero i dream that one day i ill see u and your dogs i really want to see you and your dogs one day i would dream of working for u even no iprobly would not have a talent or what ever your employes need to have i would want to work to save the pit bulls lifes im only 10 years old and that is my dream to help u save pit bulls and one more dream that i have is to help u on a rescue one day that would be really alsome i wish i could do that i dont know if your going to see this but i love u for being my hero and showing me how pit bull r not agrsiveand that they r really nice dogs and that i can have my very own one your so awsome i really really wish i can see u and i wish that u see this i dont know if u can message me back on here but if u can please please do if u do i will be very very very very happy i love having a hero becase it makes u think more about the person that is your hero and your my hero because u love and care for pit bulls like i do i really do wish that at least one of my dreams come true but thank u so much for being my hero i love u shorty for saving the good breeds the people think are bad breeds just because of people juging them i love pit bulls so much thank u so much shorty for being there for pit bulls because if u weren`t there for them then i dont know what would of happened to them thank u so much shorty for being my hero bye
  • Great Show, Love It

    I think it is a great show and i think it is great that Shorty, Sebastian, Ron, and Ashley do rescue the pitbulls and try to find them loving homes. I think it is also great because it shows that pitbulls can be loving dogs and that it is also informative about how they are mistreated, the myths that pitbulls are a bad breed. I think it educates people and may hopefully open people's hearts and minds about pitbulls as pets. Maybe it will change the perception of pitbulls so that kill shelters may consider pitbulls as adoptable rather than just euthanizing them. Shorty, Sebastian, Ron and Ashley keep up the good work, love your show and no matter what anyone says about pitbulls or about you, don't listen if they are putting you or pitbulls down, you are doing a great job and you are wonderful people for caring so much about rescuing pitbulls when most people would just turn and walk away and not do anything about it.
  • I started watching the show because I love anything that has to do with dogs especially rescue's. But I know that Shorty was the reason that I keep watching it. It has it all, and when I end the show I am happy keep it going all year long.

    I laugh, cry, smile, every emotion you can think of. Shorty has made the show a wonderful look at the pit bull breed. When watching this show you know that he would be doing this even if there was no camera's to tape him. It has it all, family, friends, enemy's I do love to watch dog shows but it is very few that I will watch all the way through, and look forward to seeing it I am anxious to see it. Other shows that contain dogs havent grabbed me the way his show has. It has important message in it, and he makes sure that you get it. When a show cares about what they are portraying it is very believable and his show is just that. I have yet to see another show that is that believable. I know he takes his dogs everywhere and if you see him on the street he would stop and give out information if you wanted it. But the best part is that he will give it to you even if you dont want it and are only seeing one side of the breed. I have owned a pit bull before my grandmother told me he is going to eat the babies, but he has shown everyone what I felt when we had darch - lovable, trust, loyalty and she would protect us with her life. we need more shows like this one. He could just stop and say hey my health has to come first or I wont be any good for any of the dogs. But he is saying I will watch out for myself, but my breed is just as important. I will do for both. Other shows wont do this, or at least there isnt any on tv right now or in the past. The dogs are great I love to see they laid back Hercules, that is a dog. It is funny he has said what I say I am more affraid of my tiny pappillion to be around my grandson before my pit bull. I know that it is how the dog is brought up and what it was taught but he still sees that second chance. His show is the best one out there I give it more than a 10 I would give it 110%. I can watch it over and over. I record them and watch with my kids, again with my sister and husband, and then jsut again before I delete I watch with all my dogs. It is funny my small one watches and talks to the tv all good things ha ha. I hope that you dont take it off and the season's need to be longer like all year long. and for many more years to come. I really would love to meet him and the dogs I know I could sit on the floor with them and just play. The show makes me happy and in this day and age that means AAA rating. Keep up the work Shorty how to meet you soon Jena Aguilar - San Jacinto, Ca