Pit Boss - Season 2

Animal Planet (ended 2013)


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  • So Long, Shorty
    Episode 14
    Shorty's back is hurting so much his doctor advises he stay home, but he comes to work, anyway to help a woman whose pit bull has been stolen. Unfortunately, Ronald leaves Shortywood for his acting career, and Shorty hurts his back even more when he trips and falls down. Sebastian has to figure out his long-distance relationship, and Ashley has to choose between Shortywood and her comedy career.moreless
  • The Great Escape
    Episode 13
    To thank his staff for their hard work so far, Shorty takes his staff on vacation to Mexico, where they have some fun. They visit an orphanage, which has brought back memories of when Ronald was adopted out. At one point, Dominico digs a hole under the fence and escapes, but fortunately, Shorty, Sebastian, and some of his friends find him swimming in a river. Thankfully for Ashley and Ronald, their plans for a comedy gig and movie role, respectively, do not come along until after they return to Los Angeles.moreless
  • Great Balls of Fire
    Episode 12
    Shortywood lands an entertainment gig in which people are having little people do hula dancing for a luau, with Ronald hosting the gig. Shorty and his crew have to rescue a stray pit bull wandering in a boat yard, but find five pit bull puppies first. Ashley talks to a talent manager who has heard about her comedy work and offers her exciting possibilities for her future.moreless
  • Back Behind Bars
    Episode 11
    After Ronald complained to a client about having to wear prosthetic ears for a photo shoot, Shorty decides to leave him out of costume gigs. Ashley and Sebastian do a singing telegram for a man's newborn daughter. Ronald tries to get acting back in his life after having to blow off a private session with his acting coach, Eugene. Once again, Shorty's sister Janet visits, showing concern for her brother's aching back. Shorty visits the California Youth Authority, the juvenile reform facility where he stayed before doing time for 10 years to help young people who are involved in a dog training program there and think about the time he spent there when he was arrested. During an emotional conversation, Janet suggests Shorty visit their parents again, thinking he should see how bad it is that their father is now in crutches because of his back condition.moreless
  • The Seventh Dwarf
    Episode 10
    Shorty and his crew help two homeless people and two abandoned dogs they have rescued. They do a photo shoot of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, even when one little person fails to show up and Ronald complains to the client about wearing prosthetic ears. The crew also go to the Sons of Italy Fundraiser, where they collect donations for homeless people and dogs.moreless
  • The Smackdown!
    Episode 9
    Shorty helps a parolee who has to give up his female pitbull named Pei, or go to jail again. Ronald and Sebastian take part in a mixed-martial-arts fight to increase awareness about dog fighting, but unfortunately, Ronald gets upset when Sebastian goes a little overboard. Also, Ronald goes on his first date with Natasha, the girl he met at the bar with his friend Shane.moreless
  • Shorty Knows Best
    Episode 8
    Shorty and his crew rescue a female dog that has been locked in a car during a hot day. Sebastian is reluctant about fostering her since he still settling in his new apartment, but agrees to do so anyway. Ashley has her first open-mike night, and Ronald's old friend Shane visits. Ronald even gets a crush on a girl, and Sebastian gets a new puppy that will become his service dog.moreless
  • 8/28/10
    Shorty and his crew find a female pit bull abandoned in a foreclosed home. Fortunately, a woman named Aria agrees to foster it, when Shorty talks her nephew Derek out of selling pit bull puppies from breeders. Also, Ashley becomes a magician's assistant, and Sebastian breaks the news that he's found an apartment to Ronald.moreless
  • 8/21/10
    Ashley has been interested in doing stand-up comedy, so her friend Mikey sets her up to talk to comedian James Davis. Shorty gets a complaint from a fourteen-year-old boy named Jordan, whose neighbor has been allowing his unneutered male dog impregnate every dog in the neighborhood, including Jordan's dog. So, he and his crew try to convince the owner of the unneutered dog to get his dog neutered. Meanwhile, Sebastian has been searching for an apartment to move into by himself. After looking at a few, he finally finds the perfect one. To offer their services, Shorty and his crew hand out flyers in South Central. Also, Shorty has a reunion with his adoptive family.moreless
  • Show Me the Money
    Episode 5
    Shorty has been suffering from his back pains, and his doctor advises him to make some lifestyle changes. His sister even arranges for him to see a personal trainer. Since the vet bills have been piling up, Shorty and his team need to come up with some fundraising ideas. At first, Shorty was going to have his pit bull Hercules pose for a photo shoot, but unfortunately, the photographer wanted to make the dog look vicious. In the end, the crew decide auction themselves off to raise money at the upcoming Pet Expo.moreless
  • Breaking Away
    Episode 4
    Sebastian's long-distance girlfriend Shea is visiting, and Sebastian is thinking of moving out. Shorty's crew audition for roles in a Christmas movie that has little people and dogs. Also, Shorty and his crew help an abused male pit bull named Phoenix find a home.
  • Surprise, Surprise
    Episode 3
    On Shorty's request, his crew volunteers at an animal shelter, where they take in Charlie, a male pit bull that was about to be euthanized unless he was adopted. At first, Shorty is annoyed his staff didn't ask for his permission, but soon, he shows a soft spot for Charlie, and eventually finds him a good home. He finds a foster for a female dog suspected to be a pitbull from a family who had to give her up because of military law. Ashley is interested in stand-up comedy, so she visits an Los Angeles comedy club and talks with a little comedian. Also, with the help of friends, Shorty and Sebastian plan a surprise birthday party for Ashley and Ronald.moreless
  • 7/24/10
    Shorty and his crew participate in a Renaissance Fair, in which everyone is in costume. Sebastian and Ronald see the acting coach again and decide to start taking acting classes. Also, the crew try to help A.J., who has rescued a male pit bull named Dibo. A.J. has financial problems, and Animal Control is threatening to take Dibo away from him, unless if he contains the dog in a properly enclosed area in two days.moreless
  • The Boss is Back
    Episode 1
    Shorty and his crew start fresh and move into their new offices. They rescue an injured, nervous male pit bull that may have been in a dog fight and manage to find a foster home for it. Shorty meets up with an old friend, who has been using pit bulls for breeding and dogfighting, and tries to convince him to change his ways. Then, he and crew rescue an abandoned, injured female pit bull, who also finds a foster home.moreless