Pit Pony

Season 1 Episode 4


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Spider, Willie, Mollie and Angus are spending the night in a haunted house. Because Spider has dared the other three. Ned is worried about the safety of a mine section. Ned says he would be fired if he complains alone. He asks his co-workers, including Sam and D'arcy, to band together but they won't. So he complains to Nellie and Rose. Rose subtlely notes. At the haunted house, Spider thinks? he hears someone calling him. He sees a painting and he runs away with Willie's lamp which he borrowed. The others don't know he ran. Rose offers to look after the children while Ned and Nellie go on a honeymoon. There won't be one. Ned could barely get Saturday off for the wedding. Rose talks about her two months of honeymooning in Europe. (With her Thomas) Willie starts to go upstairs to look for Spider and Mollie says don't. The three call out for Spider. It starts to rain and thunder. Rose talks of sending out invitations to the reception and Nellie says people know and will just come. Rose calls them freeloaders. Nellie is sewing her own wedding dress. Her two little sisters say it isn't fancy enough. Rose looks at a picture of Nellie's mother in her wedding dress. A dress that Rose bought. Nellie says she never saw that dress. At the haunted house, a leak from the roof puts out the fire in the stove. So the kids are in the dark. Mollie doesn't think her mother will notice she is missing. Mollie says she will almost be disappointed if she does not see a ghost. Rose finds? or pulls? out a box from under a bed and shakes her head. It is morning. The three kids start to leave. Willie hears something upstairs and goes to investigate in the daylight. Outside his horse is acting skittish. The ghost of Willie's father appears and tells Willie it will be fine. They walk back with Angus on the pony, Sable. Willie tells Mollie about seeing his father. Mollie says it was a forerunner and something is about to happen. Spider passes by and gives Willie the lamp he ran off with. They say they won the dare and that Spider did not scare them by making the noises. Spider says he wasn't sucker enough to stay out in the rain. (D'arcy is the tall miner.) A co-worker, Allan, offers to take some extra shifts in Ned's name to give him a couple of days off for the honeymoon. Ned thanks him. Rose has found (or brought?) her sister's (Nellie's mother's) wedding dress. Rose says she may not always agree with Nellie but she will always stand behind her. Ned arrives and sees Nellie in the wedding dress through the window. When Ned comes in Nellie hides behind Aunt Rose saying it is bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding. In the mine, as Ned and Allan walk, the roof caves in and water pours in. Ned gets out. Allan does not. A boss closes a door and braces it. Ned cannot go back to look for Allan. Allan is lying down and not moving. Outside (the mine) Ned tells Nellie and Willie that we lost Allan.moreless

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