Pita Ten

TV Tokyo (ended 2002)



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Pita Ten

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Pita Ten is about a boy named Kotarou who is in sixth grade. His life is pretty boring ever since his mother died. It's the same old thing. Get up, do the chores and go to school. But, one day his whole life changes when a strange pinked haired girl enters his life...

Meet Misha. She's an angel who has arrived on earth for training. Misha is VERY hyperactive and insanely perky. Kotarou and his friends, Koboshi Uematsu and Ayanakouji Takashi seem to get into weird situations with her around. Add an innocent demon, a determined rival, and an overprotective sibling of the rival and things just get weirder.
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  • Pita Ten is a cute show teaching a good lesson about friendship. Pita Ten is lovable, it involves romance, comedy and sometimes action.

    Kotarou was a normal boy living with his dad in an apartment. The story starts off with him being scared off by his energetic neighbor Misha. Later on Misha becomes friends with Kotarou and gives him endless amounts of hugs. Of course his childhood friend, Koboshi gets jealous because she has a crush on him. But Koboshi has nothing to worry about because Kotarou thinks of Misha as irritating and annoying. But really Misha is a misunderstood girl. All she wants to do is become an angel and help people. Unfortunally, Misha always ends up to cause trouble. To think of it, Shia is more angelly then Misha. But Shia is suppose to be a devil. Ten-chan, Kotarou\\\'s other childhood friend gets a crush on Shia. The story ends up with all of them happy and laughing. In my opinion I don\\\'t think Kotarou hates Misha I think he enjoys her company but doesn\\\'t want to show it.moreless