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  • The Look Behind

    Pitchmen, - In this show, Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays took us behind the scenes at a look at informercials. As famous pitchmen, they are brought together to help other people live out their dreams in selling objects. Through the thick and thin new objects are discovered while others are put to the curb. It's a fun show, and great to see what making a commerical is really all about. As former rivals, Sullivan and Mays work as a great team. It's a shame that Mays life ended. R.I.P Overall a great show that brought the good mind of helping people live the american dream.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the professional lives of the infomercial superstars Anthony Sullivan and Billy Mays.

    The show gives the infomercial business the reality-TV-show treatment. Relentless sound effects generate dramatic tension, talking-head confessionals reveal betrayals and hidden agendas, and each chunk of new content is sandwiched between previews and reviews on both sides of the commercial break. By the time significant story developments "happen," the viewer has already seen the event previewed so many times that the action itself has the feel of a recurring dream. In fairness, constant regurgitation of content is a reality-show staple and is hardly limited to Pitchmen. In all I find "Pitchmen" very entertaining. It's also interesting to see the products that I used to see advertised, and how they succeed or tank. Billy Mays' electric personality and Sully being the protagonist is what makes the show unique.