Pitt and Kantrop - Season 1



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  • Toffo and the Gustuchouchou
    Pitt and Stef must fend off the Grubsnatchers from Chef Toffo's prized food.
  • The Wooden Mammoth
    The Wooden Mammoth
    Episode 31
    Atlas is made a prisoner of the Bear Tribe.
  • Spirits of the Wood
    Spirits of the Wood
    Episode 30
    Something frightening and strange stirs in the black woods.
  • Taboo To You Too
    Taboo To You Too
    Episode 29
    Mandas breaks an important taboo of the Fish tribe.
  • Super Fish Man
    Super Fish Man
    Episode 28
    Mandas becomes the masked hero Super Fish Man in order to get Deena to like him.
  • Savannah Academy
    Savannah Academy
    Episode 27
    The Piteks confront the formidable Reed tribe.
  • I'm the Chief and the Chief Gets All
    Sariac, who left to attend the wedding of the bear chief's son, forgot to name a chief by default. Now every Pitek wants to take the vacant chief's seat! To avoid a civil war, Pitt invents the majority vote, and his dad is elected!
  • Secret Weapon
    Secret Weapon
    Episode 25
    A charming but exhausted cave woman is rescued in the wild by Pitt and Kantrop, who bring her back to the Pitek village. Little do they know that their guest is indeed a spy and a scout, on a mission to bring discord into the village.
  • Trial by Fire
    Trial by Fire
    Episode 24
    Liane is accused of having put out the tribe's sacred fire. Pitt decides to investigate and discovers quite a few Piteks have something to hide. But the real culprit is the last one he expected.
  • Hocus Pocus
    Hocus Pocus
    Episode 23
    Much to Pitt's surprise, Prosper introduces Pitt at a shaman's reunion as the apprentice he was supposed to train for a year! Pitt has to play along to protect Prosper, whose knowledge and power amount to zero.
  • Holiday Time
    Holiday Time
    Episode 22
    After an unexpected record hunt, the tribe is exhausted from smoking meat and tanning skins. Pitt suggests a holiday for the whole tribe. All they have to do is lay back and relax.
  • Pitt the Jinx
    Pitt the Jinx
    Episode 21
    After a couple of unfortunate disasters occurring while Pitt was present, everybody thinks Pitt brings bad luck to the tribe. Pitt has to prove his tribe wrong. But the more he tries, the more they're convinced he's responsible for everything!
  • Life Saver
    Life Saver
    Episode 20
    Pitt has saved Sariac's life. According to the tradition, the Big Chief adopts him as his son. But life in Sariac's hut is far from a picnic. Between the household chores and the learning of his one day chief-to-be status, Pitt misses his own family.
  • Sports is the Name of the Game
    The tribe's best hunters are losing stamina: they can't even catch dodo birds any more! Pitt convinces them to get some exercise by running after an inflated skin. Soon, he has to make up rules, and sport is born for the first time in history!
  • Table for 15
    Table for 15
    Episode 18
    Liane cooks the miserable results of Stef's hunt (a mouse and a bunch of leaves). The aroma smites the whole tribe. Pitt sees this as a way to save his dad from the hunting chore: Liane will trade her cooking against some of the other hunter's game.
  • Fish and Ransom
    Fish and Ransom
    Episode 17
    Grenella gets kidnapped by the fish tribe scouts, thinking she is the chief's wife. Delighted to meet a possible husband, Grenella let them keep her prisoner.
  • Modern Couple
    Modern Couple
    Episode 16
    Stef and Liane are not happy with the way each gender fulfils his role at home. They are convinced they each would do a better job than their spouse! Pitt suggests a switch, for the worst, of course.
  • Bridging the Gap
    Bridging the Gap
    Episode 15
    A huge chasm has appeared in the middle of the village, dividing it in two halves, with tribe members on each side. Pitt invents the postal service with Kantrop, to transmit spoken messages and parcels to each side.
  • You're a Big Boy Now
    Mandas wants to prove his valour to Sariac's family and become Deena's official suitor. To step into manhood, he must go into a series of trials. Deena calls Pitt to the rescue!
  • The Big Wheel
    The Big Wheel
    Episode 13
    Stef promises Sariac a new hut for his birthday. Kantrop ends up hauling the stones for its construction on the flank of the mountain. To alleviate his burden, Pitt invents the wheel. But Kantrop's loads are doubled!
  • The Curse of Mashamana
    Prosper's ability as a shaman is questioned. To regain prestige (and food offerings) he predicts a curse on the tribe, and stages evidence of a rampaging monster.
  • Springtime
    Episode 11
    Mandas wants to court Deena by bringing her back some mammoth hairs, right off the beast's back! To save him from a sure death, Pitt teaches Mandas how to win Deena's heart with romance.
  • Ride 'Em Pitt
    Ride 'Em Pitt
    Episode 10
    The Piteks act like cowboys while fighting the Bear tribe.
  • The Big Head
    The Big Head
    Episode 9
    Sariac, stuck into his new bison headdress, can't see a thing. Fearing to be ousted if caught in such ridicule, he leaves the village guided by Prosper, while Pitt will have the Chief's cousin (a dead-ringer for Sariac) impersonate him.
  • Princess Shivaree's Circus
    Pitt disguises himself as a girl in order to reach Deena at the all-female circus.
  • Pitekland
    Episode 7
    Pitt convinces Sariac to open a theme park.
  • Pearls of Wisdom
    Pearls of Wisdom
    Episode 6
    Pitt invents the first currency - pearls! Soon, the pearl frenzy spreads within the tribe, and Pitt's parents are heavily in debt! Meanwhile, Grenella, who secretly found a cave full of pearl oysters, is striking rich and playing bachelorette!
  • Moby Pitt
    Moby Pitt
    Episode 5
    A fishing trip turns into a disaster when Stef's raft meets the fury of the oceans.
  • Join the Stefteks
    Join the Stefteks
    Episode 4
    Stef starts a tribe of her own but trouble comes in the form of two new recruits.
  • Grandpa Eugene's Treasure
    Stef has a treasure map belonging to his father.
  • Big Tom
    Big Tom
    Episode 2
    Prehistoric fantasy about 12-year-old Pitt and his pterodactyl pal Kantrop. A charming stranger enters the tribe and woos Grenella: but his intentions are dishonorable.
  • The End Justifies the Meal
    Herds have not returned from their winter migration and famine hits the Piteks' tribe. Desperate for meat, the tribe starts thinking Kantrop could very well be their next meal.