Pixel Perfect

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Pixel Perfect

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Roscoe's band needs a lead singer for his band the Zettabytes, so he secretly creates a hologram using the technology his father invented. Loretta Modern is everything he ever wanted in a singer, and she brings the band a lot of success, but is she happy?
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  • I saw it on Disney Channel 2 days ago and it was awesome.

    If you like a Musical you will love this because about half of the movie Loretta's is singing. Loretta is a hologram that was made for a band called the Zettabytes needed a lead singer and then Loretta was born. Loretta has been in the internet twice. When she was lost in the internet the Zettabytes had a concert . Loretta was not there because she was surfing the web. Sam [one of the band members] tried to act like Loretta and well it didn't turn out so well she fell off stage. And was unconscious. When Loretta came back she was in the hospital. She saw Sam and went inside hear mind. When Sam woke up it was Loretta. Then she slowy walked outside. And got sucked away by lighting.The End.moreless
  • I love this movie! Its my favorite disney original and I love ricky ullman and leah pipes together! He is soo hot and she is awesome! Go ricky and leah!

    I love this movie! ITs my favorite disney original movie ever! I love ricky ullman so much! Every time i see him my heart melts. He is soo adorable! My other favorite person is leah pipes. She does a wonderful job on this movie! Her and ricky should be a couple in real life. She is one of my favorite actresses and he is one of my favorite actors. I wish disney channel would of given him more than just a movie and a show that didnt even last 2 seasons. It only had like 60 something! But I still love my movie and the people and I think im the only one who really likes it! Oh well! Go ricky and leah!moreless
  • Singers...
    Whi's the better singer?  Samantha or Loretta?  I like Loretta better but in some songs, I like Sam better.  What do YOU think?...