Pixie & Dixie

Season 1 Episode 17

Hypnotize Surprise

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Feb 12, 1959 on

Episode Recap

Dixie gets a book on how to do hypnotism and plans to use Jinks as his first victim. Pixie and Dixie find Jinks and Dixie lowers the watch and uses it to hypnotize Jinks into thinking that he is a dog. Jinks goes outside and trees a buddy cat of his and then makes Rocky the dog mad and Rocky punches him into a tree and Jinks wakes up. Jinks can't figure out what happened and goes back to his nap inside. Dixie hypnotizes him again and makes him think he's a bird. Jinks' friend scares him and Jinks gets on top of Rocky's doghouse and starts chirping until Rocky gets mad and punches him again and once again Jinks snaps out of it and goes back inside to take his nap again. Dixie does it again and this time makes Jinks think that he's a mouse and he starts eating all the cheese in the house and snaps out of the trance when he trips a mousetrap on his nose. Dixie tells him that he was hypnotized and Jinks doesn't believe him and starts twirling the watch and says something about being a train and he hypnotizes himself into thinking that he's a train and starts acting like one and chugs past his friend again who wonders what in the world is wrong with Jinks.