Pixie & Dixie

Season 1 Episode 13

Jinks Flying Carpet

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Jan 01, 1959 on

Episode Recap

Pixie and Dixie are giving Jinks a hard time because he's so predictable and his timing is so bad, he can never catch them. Jinks gets mad and starts chasing them and of course doesn't catch them. Jinks thinks that he's washed up.

The mailman comes and brings a package to Jinks. It's a gift from his cousin in India. His cousin puts a note with the item and tells Jinks that it's a flying rug. Jinks tries it out and it actually flies.

Pixie and Dixie come out and Jinks bowls them over. They can't believe that he's flying on a rug but he is and they are getting pounded by Jinks using an ash scoop from the fireplace. Jinks gets wrapped up in chasing them and gets cloths lined on a table and the rug flies out the window. Jinks chases it and forgets the command to make it stop and keeps yelling everything but the right words.
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