Pixie & Dixie

Season 1 Episode 12

Jinks Junior

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 25, 1958 on

Episode Recap

Mr. Jinks has his son over for the day and he wants to teach him how to chase mice. He plans to use Pixie and Dixie as guinea pigs for his son tells Junior to chase them. Junior runs up and starts shaking their hands. Jinks gets on to him and tells him that he has to chase mice.

Jinks uses a wind up mouse to try and teach Junior how to chase mice and that doesn't work. Jinks tries a couple of other ways and they don't work either. Then he gets Pixie and Dixie to start hitting him with things and calls for Junior to help and Junior chases the mice away. Jinks tells his son he did a good job and that he should go outside and play. Jinks thanks Pixie and Dixie for helping and they hear a dog barking and go to the window. Jinks sees Junior playing with a puppy and goes out to tell him that cats and dogs don't get along. The daddy dog grabs Jinks and Jinks changes his tune.