Pixie & Dixie

Season 1 Episode 11

Jinxed Jinks

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Dec 11, 1958 on

Episode Recap

Jinks takes out accident insurance on Pixie and Dixie and will get paid a lot of money if the mice should have an accident. He goes and tells the mice what he has done and they are glad that he is taking such good care of them. They play dangerous games but never get hurt and Jinks wonders if the policy will pay off or if he's just wasted his money. His evil conscience tells him that he should help them have an accident and he agrees.

Jinks tries several time to make the mice have an accident and they all fail. Jinks is the one who has the accident when he accidentally clobbers the bulldog over the head with a mallet. Jinks is in the hospital and the mice bring him a basket with goodies and they tell him that they too had taken out accident insurance on him and Jinks gets mad and starts to chase them even though he's running with a broken leg.