Pixie & Dixie

Season 1 Episode 7

Little Bird-Mouse

Aired Saturday 12:00 AM Nov 13, 1958 on

Episode Recap

Pixie and Dixie are in school learning their arithmetic and Dixie keeps looking outside and dreams of flying like a bird. The teacher punishes Dixie by making him write "mice can not fly" on the blackboard. As Dixie is writing he sees a hummingbird. He turns his ears and starts to flap them like the hummingbird and he begins to fly.

Dixie flies out of the room and is spotted by Jinks. Jinks checks his bird book and sees that if he were to catch a flying mouse, it would be worth a fortune. Jinks starts trying to catch Dixie and the teacher and Pixie see this and can't believe their eyes. Dixie accidentally flies into a mailbox and Jinks catches him. The teacher whacks Jinks on the foot and Dixie gets away. Jinks going from one mouse to the other until finally Dixie knocks him out using a rope to "cloths line" Jinks.

They return to the school and this time Dixie is the teacher and he is teaching the other mice to fly. The teacher starts to fly and is excited.