Pixie & Dixie - Season 1

(ended 1961)




Episode Guide

  • Boxing Buddy
    Boxing Buddy
    Episode 22
    Pixie and Dixie bring home a boxing kangaroo and Jinks thinks that it's a big mouse. Will Jinks finally listen to the mice that it is a kangaroo or is he going to learn the hard way?
  • Mouse Nappers
    Mouse Nappers
    Episode 21
    Jinks kicks out Pixie and Dixie and no sooner than that, they are being chased by another cat and Jinks doesn't like this and challenges the other cat for his mice. Which cat will win the fight for the mice?
  • Cat-Nap Cat
    Cat-Nap Cat
    Episode 20
    Mr. Jinks is giving the mice a hard time when the phone rings and he tells his secret to catching mice so well is his patented cat naps. Will the mice keep him from getting any naps now that they know his secret?
  • King-Size Surprise
    King-Size Surprise
    Episode 19
    After getting tired of all the chasing and the fooling around with Mr. Jinks, Pixie and Dixie befriend a dog who helps with mouse-hating cat Mr. Jinks.
  • Nice Mice
    Nice Mice
    Episode 18
    Pixie and Dixie take in a kitten that was thrown out, but they can't seem to convince Jinks to let him stay. Will the kitten get thrown out or will Jinks be convinced to let him stay?
  • Hypnotize Surprise
    Hypnotize Surprise
    Episode 17
    Dixie learns how to do hypnotism and he uses Jinks as his test subject. What will happen when Jinks is hypnotized?
  • Dinky Jinks
    Dinky Jinks
    Episode 16
    Jinks is trying to create a formula that shrinks himself and does it, but now he realizes that it was not such a good idea. Can Jinks find a way to get back to normal?
  • Mark Of The Mouse
    Mark Of The Mouse
    Episode 15
    Mr. Jinks picks on Dixie because he knows that he's just dressed up as Mark of the Mouse and has a rubber sword. What will happen when the real Mark of the Mouse shows up?
  • Puppet Pals
    Puppet Pals
    Episode 14
    Pixie and Dixie keep getting on Jinks nerves and get him and the dog to fight each other until Jinks and the dog decide to let bygones be bygones. Will the partnership work?
  • Jinks Flying Carpet
    Jinks Flying Carpet
    Episode 13
    Pixie and Dixie are giving Jinks a hard time because he's so predictable and can't catch them, but Jinks gets a flying rug from his cousin in India. Will Pixie and Dixie pay the price for all their heckling now?
  • Jinks Junior
    Jinks Junior
    Episode 12
    Mr. Jinks's son Jinks Junior comes for a visit and Mr. Jinks teaches him how to chase mice, after learning he assigns him to go after Pixie and Dixie. Will his son learn to be a mouser?
  • Jinxed Jinks
    Jinxed Jinks
    Episode 11
    Jinks takes out accident insurance on the mice in case something happens then he gets paid a lot of money. Will Pixie and Dixie have an accident or will it be Jinks having the accident?
  • The Ace Of Space
    The Ace Of Space
    Episode 10
    Pixie and Dixie are reading a "Captain Blast Off" comic book and Jinks uses this to his advantage and hassles the mice, but a space mouse lands and Dixie wants to use the ray gun on Jinks to teach him a lesson. Will Jinks learn his lesson or will Dixie blast him?moreless
  • The Ghost With The Most
    Jinks bops Dixie on the head and Dixie pretends like he is dead and then he and Pixie play like Dixie is a ghost to get back at Jinks. Will Jinks figure out their little prank or will he be haunted forever?
  • Jiggers.. It's Jinks!
    Mr. Jinks loses his job guarding a cheese factory because he is too slow and is replaced by a speedy cat. Can Pixie and Dixie help their pal his job back?
  • Little Bird-Mouse
    Little Bird-Mouse
    Episode 7
    Desperately, Dixie wishes to fly like a bird, but his schoolteacher won't allow it. Then Dixie uses his ears like flaps and is able to ascend and float this way. Mr. Jinks goes after Dixie to collect a fortune for a flying mouse, surprising Pixie and especially the schoolteacher. Can Dixie keep away from Jinks?moreless
  • Scardeycat Dog
    Scardeycat Dog
    Episode 6

    Pixie and Dixie find the perfect way to get Mr. Jinks off their tails by getting a dog that will scare and threaten him. But the dog they get is scared of cats so now what will they do?

  • Pistol Packin' Pirate

    Pixie and Dixie are aboard a Pirate ship with a Pistol Packin' Pirate, who threatens Jinks to walk the plank, if he doesn't catch those "meeses". Can Jinx catch the "meeses" or is he going for a dip in the ocean?

  • Jinks The Butler
    Jinks The Butler
    Episode 4
    Mr. Jinks is given the job of protecting the banquet by the Butler and Pixie and Dixie are trying to help themselves. Who will win this battle of wits?
  • Kit Kat Kit
    Kit Kat Kit
    Episode 3
    Pixie and Dixie are being chased my Jinks and when they make it to their hole everyone is tuckered out and Jinks thinks of a way to take it easy and builds a mechanical cat to do his job. Will the mechanical cat get rid of Pixie and Dixie for good?moreless
  • Judo Jack
    Judo Jack
    Episode 2
    Pixie and Dixie are tired of being beaten up by Jinx and call on a Judo expert to help them defend themselves and a small mouse named Judo Jack comes to give them a lesson. Can the tiny Judo Jack teach Pixie and Dixie how to use Judo by using Jinx to demonstrate?moreless
  • Cousin Tex
    Cousin Tex
    Episode 1
    Dixie's cousin, Cousin Tex, comes to visit him to see how he was doing. Cousin Tex is hungry from his trip and goes out to get a snack and runs into Jinks. How will these two get along?
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